Kyle Kashuv Speaks On Guns At Chicago-Area High School

AP Photo/Philip Kamrass

While most of the media’s attention focuses on anti-gun Parkland kids, there’s one student whose very vocal pro-gun voice is making the rounds. That voice belongs to Kyle Kashuv.

Kyle’s been countering the screaming of his schoolmates from the start, going on various network interviews to provide a counterpoint to the anti-gun rage that threatened to paint every student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as an anti-gunner.

Most recently, Kyle spoke at a Chicago-area high school about why he opposes gun laws.

A student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida came to Hinsdale Central Friday to explain why he does not support stricter gun control laws promoting by some of his classmates.

Kyle Kashuv advocates for more guns in schools, in the hands of well-trained teachers and staff.

Kashuv spoke to Hinsdale Central students and staff after school Friday in the high school’s library at the invitation of the school’s Conservatives Club.

“It’s huge for him to come out and talk to us on such a sensitive issue,” said Mikhail Essa, a sophomore from Oak Brook, who founded the club.

Kashuv presented statistics that showed the vast majority of times when offenders are presented with armed resistance, they are killed or flee.

Keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens will not make schools or other places safer, Kashuv said, because criminals will still be able to get guns illegally.

He believes background checks are worthwhile if they are strictly implemented, but he does not favor more gun control laws that restrict the average citizen’s access to guns.

These are, of course, all correct.

Kashuv revealed that he was sort of ambivalent about guns to start with but his experience hiding for two hours after hearing the gunshots only to find the response was yet another gun control debate changed it.

“The gun control debate overshadowed the real issues,” Kashuv said.

“What people don’t understand is there were so many systematic failures by the government,” Kashuv said. “There were 46 reports to the sheriff’s department and two tips to the FBI.”

Both sides want to make school safe, but if they don’t compromise on how to do it, nothing will happen, he said. He said nothing of substance has really changed in Parkland in the year since the shooting, Kashuv said.

Kashuv went on to argue that it makes more sense to focus on what both sides can agree on.

Unfortunately, that’s not much. After all, no one on this side is willing to budge on guns, but no one on the other side is willing to work toward any other solutions that don’t involve guns.

The result is that nothing is going to change. That’s because every time there’s been a call for “compromise” from anti-gunners, it’s been a call for gun owners to give up still more. It’s funny how we’re the only side expected to compromise.

I get that Kashuv is saying both sides need to do it, and what he’s talking about isn’t gun owners giving up rights. Instead, it’s about things like mental health programs, increased enforcement of domestic violence laws, and so on. These are things we should be able to get behind, united.

But one side is fixated on gun control and won’t look at anything else. Gun control supporters want to lash out at us for not giving up ground.

Hypocrisy, thy name is gun control.