Anti-Gun Lawmaker In NH Thinks Gun Raffle Is A Personal Threat

Anti-Gun Lawmaker In NH Thinks Gun Raffle Is A Personal Threat

AP Photo/Holly Ramer

It wasn’t all that long ago that anti-gun activists in New Hampshire thought lawmakers wearing pearls were mocking them, accusing them of “clutching their pearls” in outrage.


While the lawmakers were doing no such thing, I commented at the time that they probably should have.

Now, a New Hampshire official is just proving me right as she engages in a bit of pearl-clutching of her own.

A poster to promote the raffle of a 22-caliber rifle called the Cherry Frost has Legislative Protective Services investigating the matter as a possible threat to state Rep. Sherry Frost, a vocal Democrat on gun control and other issues that have garnered national attention.

Frost says she’s already been in contact with protective services and has herself contacted the FBI.

“My first instinct was that it felt very middle school. The difference in the name of the gun and my name is one letter. Do adults really think this is a coincidence?” she said in an interview on Wednesday.

She alluded to near-fatal attacks on lawmakers in recent years as a good reason to be concerned.

“In the age of Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise, and the man who was just arrested a couple weeks ago with an arsenal and a hit list that included lawmakers, public officials are literally as well as figuratively targets, and I think in this environment it is not unreasonable to assume that if someone is naming a gun after me they are making a pretty clear statement about what they want.”

When asked why she thinks she would be targeted, Frost said, “Because I’m outspoken. Because I draw attention to these issues.”


Oh, for crying out loud.

At worst, they’re making a play on Frost’s name to rally the troops. Frankly, I’d see that is pretty smart marketing if she’s that outspoken and reviled by pro-gun activists.

But a threat?

No wonder she opposes the right to keep and bear arms. She’s jumping at shadows, freaking out over the name of a firearm being raffled, and taking it as a personal threat. Meanwhile, she can’t point to one thing anyone has said that’s an actual threat.

This is pearl-clutching at its finest.

Frost is using this to draw attention to herself and to try and paint her opposition as dangerous lunatics looking to gun her down for her stance on guns. She’s trying to capitalize on this and do a bit of grandstanding.

After all, in the victimhood Olympics, being threatened earns big points, so she’s desperate to try and paint this as a threat. The problem is that in doing so, she betrays her fundamental lack of understanding about firearms.

You see, this is a .22 rifle. Yes, it’s made to look like an “evil assault rifle,” but it’s still just a .22.

Pro-gun folks know that the .22 is a “plinker.” At best, it’s good for hunting squirrel or rabbit, not politicians.

But Frost doesn’t know that. She, like so many other anti-gunners, sees the package and grabs her pearls. She doesn’t understand that this is one of the least threatening firearms out there. It just looks scary.


To Ms. Frost, please stop. Your pearls just aren’t going to last long at this rate.

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