Hollywood And Their Love Affair With New Zealand

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Hollywood is full of hypocrites.

I know, I know. Not exactly breaking news there.

But it bears repeating. After all, Hollywood continues to lecture Americans on guns while simultaneously cashing in on guns through their use in movies and television.

Now, Hollywood is having a torrid love affair with New Zealand. It seems the nation’s knee-jerk reaction to their first mass shooting in more than a decade is incredibly appealing to the Tinsel Town crowd.

Will & Grace leading lady and hysterical lefty Debra Messing lavished praise for Ardern’s policies. She stressed, “THIS is what leadership looks like. Thank you for being a model for the world. #doingnothingiscowardice.”

Actress Julianne Moore, a huge gun-control advocate — well, except for in her own movies, of course — gushed over the NZ prime minister’s harebrained decision, affirming, “This is what a leader does. #NewZealandstrong”

The always hysterical Alyssa Milano tweeted the news with the caption, “This. THIS RIGHT HERE” as if some progressive divinity opened the heavens to show itself. She also included the hashtag to her favorite lefty pet campaign “#NoRA,” with the mission of spreading awareness about the NRA spending “blood money” – you know, the usual crackpot nonsense.

Former Hellboy star Ron Perlman chimed in by posting a news graphic detailing the NZ gun-control measure. He gave it the pithy little caption, “What people before profit looks like,” because again — NRA blood money, or something. It’s ironic, though, considering his Twitter cover photo depicts him shooting a silenced pistol like some typical crime drama thug. Sell those tickets, man. “People before profit,” right?

Of course, what else do you expect from people who play pretend for a living? Nuanced understandings of their political opposition is surely beyond any of them.

We get them and what they want. We even understand why they want it.

We just disagree that it would do any good. We can look at the UK’s problems as an example of just what the United States would go through if they got their way.

But no, Hollywood has to believe it’s all about money for the NRA and gun rights advocates.

Nevermind that they cash in on guns at every opportunity. Think about the average summer blockbuster. These are generally action films. That means there are guns aplenty represented on the big screen. Sometimes the heroes are military or police, but not always. That means they’re armed, private citizens who are fighting bad people and making bank for the film industry.

As noted, several of these vocally anti-gun actors have made money doing films with guns as well.

Hollywood profits far more on guns than the NRA ever could. After all, there’s a reason why gun laws in California have been crafted in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the film industry.

It’s not that guns are bad. Not for Hollywood, anyway.

No, the problem is that your guns are bad. They’re bad because you’re not one of them, thus you can’t be trusted to even tie your own shoes, much less handle a firearm competently.

And they wonder why so many of us consider so many of them a joke.


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