Swalwell Set To Announce Presidential Bid

Swalwell Set To Announce Presidential Bid

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Remember when Democrats were all outraged over President Trump’s “grab them by the p***y” comment? Taken out of context, the comment is still thrown about to discuss just how horrible a person the president is. It’s all the proof some people needed to condemn the man.


I wonder how many of those folks will back a presidential candidate who suggested nuking American citizens?

If you thought the field for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination was as crowded as much as a group of millennials lining up for avocados, think again: California Congressman Eric Swalwell, an outspoken foe of President Donald Trump and an avid fan of gun control, is reportedly ready to announce he’ll throw his oversized hat into the ring.

According to The Atlantic, Swalwell wants to center his campaign around gun control, and will announce his run for the presidency next week on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”

Looking to buttress any support he can get from younger voters, whom he has stated catalyzed his harsh stance on assault weapons, Swalwell has apparently enlisted Cameron Kasky, one of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in February 2018, to aid his efforts. According to The Atlantic, “Together, they’re organizing a town hall that Swalwell will host in Coral Springs, Florida, on Tuesday.

The Atlantic’s Edward-Issac Dovere writes, “When I reached out to Swalwell on Wednesday evening, he wouldn’t confirm the news, but he didn’t leave much doubt that he intends to run for president. ‘We are doing a town hall in Parkland,’ he told me. ‘And I do believe that gun safety has to be a top 2020 issue.’”


Oh, boy. This is going to be fun.

To be clear, Swalwell doesn’t have a lot of hope in making a legitimate bid to be president. He lacks the stature and backing many of his fellow candidates have. Frankly, before last year, most people didn’t have a clue who Swalwell even was. That’s going to matter.

After all, he’ll be running against Democratic heavy-hitters like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker. Plus, Hillary Clinton is still a possibility.

Additionally, Swalwell will have to battle it out with something like a dozen lesser-known names just for a shot at challenging the frontrunners. And that’s before any baggage about nuking Americans is taken into consideration.

The fact is, Swalwell has a habit of beclowning himself on social media. While controversial tweets have worked for President Trump, Swalwell lacks the ability to rile up people and instead gets more of a “point and laugh” reaction. Sure, he angered a lot of folks after his comment about nukes, but at the end of the day, we all know he’s just talk.

In other words, he’s a non-factor in American politics most of the time.


However, this does tell us a great deal about his motivations for releasing the supposed death threat the other day, now doesn’t it? After all, release something like that a week or so before your announcement, gin up a little more support and name recognition among Democrats, then announce. At that point, you look like you’re a brave crusader standing up for what you believe.

You know, instead of the JV-team level political hack seizing every opportunity to grandstand he can find that he is.

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