Two Arkansas Men Shoot One Another In Body Armor

Two Arkansas Men Shoot One Another In Body Armor

Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune via AP

One thing about body armor is you generally don’t want to find out how well it works.

I mean, you hope that it does and you may even feel a little froggy and test it at the range, but you don’t want to be wearing it during that process. After all, my understanding is that while it keeps the bullets outside of you, it’s not a pleasant experience. Plus, there’s still a fair bit of the body not covered by the vests, and I don’t trust anyone’s aim all that much.

Apparently, two Arkansas men are far more trusting souls than I. They also don’t seem to be all that bright.

Two Arkansas men have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after police say they shot each other while taking turns wearing a bulletproof vest.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that 50-year-old Charles Ferris and 36-year-old Christopher Hicks were arrested Monday.

A police affidavit says the two men are neighbors and were drinking on a deck Sunday when Ferris told Hicks to shoot him with a .22-caliber rifle while Ferris wore the vest. The affidavit says the shot left a red mark on Ferris’ chest and that he was angry because it hurt.

Apparently, Hicks then put on the vest, and Ferris returned the favor by emptying the magazine into the other man’s back.

Oh, brother. I get alcohol was involved, but where to start other than that bit of stupidity…

First, I sincerely hope I don’t have to say this, but I’ve got a word count limit and a poor level of faith in human intelligence after reading that, so I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t do this kind of stupid crap!

Honestly, we’re fighting for our gun rights with everything we can muster, and these two dipsticks go and pull this kind of crap?

We’re telling folks that responsible gun owners aren’t the problem, then we see news stories like this. It’s kind of hard to present gun owners as responsible with stories like this floating around, you know?

Yes, it’s an isolated incident. Yes, it’s news because it’s rare. Yes, the media has a vested interest in propagating the idea that gun owners are dangerous, even to themselves.

But I’m going to clue you into something about the biased media. They can only report what happens.

Oh, they can make crap up, sure, but that doesn’t last against scrutiny. Instead, they tend to manipulate real events to serve their purposes. If you don’t give them ammunition, they’re unlikely to make it up outright.

Even if they do, that’s on them.

The least you can do is not be a complete and total moron and make their jobs that much easier.

Honestly, stuff like this erodes my faith in humanity. It’s almost enough to make me wish it was a faulty vest, for crying out loud, and I don’t like it when I start to feel that way.

Folks, use your brains. If you know people like this, badger them to use their brains as well. This isn’t good for anyone.