Gun Rights Demonstrators Square Off With Gun Grabbers In Delaware

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File

A contentious set of gun control proposals has hit the floor in Delaware, and now activists on both sides are digging in for the coming fight. That digging in started with rallies in Dover.


At the same time:

Backers and opponents of gun control held dueling rallies Wednesday to highlight proposed legislation that would require individuals to obtain a permit before purchasing a firearm, prohibit dozens of guns deemed “assault weapons” and forbid magazines that can hold more than 15 rounds.

To protest a planned news conference by Democratic officials and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, supporters of gun rights began gathering on Legislative Mall more than two hours before the event was scheduled to start.

By the time gun control advocates convened on the east steps of Legislative Hall, a crowd of around 150 people stood nearby, mad and loud.

Chanting “We will not comply” and “Not one inch,” they drowned out the speakers at the news conference on occasion.

Many of the protesters carried signs or wore apparel proclaiming their displeasure with the bills and they ignored several requests by speakers (including Sen. Dave Lawson, a Marydel Republican and opponent of gun control) to quiet down.

But, even though some speakers faltered momentarily, they ontinued their remarks.

“Our right to life and our right to liberty, to go to school, the theater, the mall, our places of worship without being gunned down shall not be infringed,” said Sen. Laura Sturgeon, a Sharpley Democrat.


Oh, the stupid.

First, Sen. Sturgeon, if you don’t want to be gunned down, perhaps you should exercise your right to arm yourself. Then you can defend yourself from a violent attack.

You don’t get to use your fear to limit my rights and vice versa.


It’s similar to how you don’t have a right to be free of hate speech, primarily because it limits someone else’s right to speak freely. It may suck for you, but you don’t get to impose limits on civil liberties because they make you feel “icky.”

As it stands, people who violate one’s right to life and liberty are already subject to punishment. That’s as it should be.

As for the pro-gun side, I understand their position. Gun owners are sick and tired of being blamed for every maniac looking for fame or every gangbanger with a score to settle. Criminals are responsible for their actions. I’m not responsible for theirs. As such, I refuse to be punished for their acts.

No, I wouldn’t comply either.

You can only push the law-abiding citizen so far. At some point, they won’t go any further. They’ll gladly break the law because the law is demanding far too much of them.

To be clear, that’s what sparked the American Revolution. Had old King George not pushed so hard, the colonists would have gladly gone on being loyal British subjects.

But when you push too far, people eventually reach a point where enough is enough.

What people like Sen. Sturgeon are missing is that when people get to that point, you don’t know how much further they’ll be willing to go, especially if you keep pushing.

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