Maine Town Wants To Turn Guns Into Garden Tools


Through the years, we’ve spent a lot of time blasting the concept of gun buyback programs. Why? Easy, because they’re stupid.

All they do is remove used guns from circulation, attracting law-abiding citizens who somehow think it’s their civic duty to dispose of their firearms in this manner rather than criminals who are the real problem. If a criminal does partake in the buyback, they do so to dispose of guns in a way that they can’t be linked back to them.


In other words, it’s a way they cannot just dump a gun but get a little something back for it. It sure beats throwing it in a river.

Now, it seems nine police departments in Maine are joining in on the stupid.

Nine police departments in southern Maine will hold “gun give back” events next month during which residents can turn in unwanted firearms that will be used to make gardening tools.

Modeled after prescription drug disposal events that have become increasingly popular in Maine, the gun give back program will allow residents to anonymously hand over guns to police for safe disposal. The firearms will then be donated to an organization that uses materials from the guns to create gardening tools that will be distributed to Portland-area schools with gardens.

The Guns to Garden Tools program will be held on May 11 at police departments in Portland, South Portland, Gorham, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Wells, Falmouth, Yarmouth and Brunswick.

“Many households in Maine have old, unwanted guns and ammunition tucked away, ignored and forgotten,” Portland interim Chief Vern Malloch said in a statement. “They are in dresser drawers, shoe boxes, basements and attics. Part of the reason we hang onto them is because folks simply don’t know what to do with them. These unwanted guns offer a unique challenge when it comes to disposal. There really is no safe way to throw away a gun.”

That’s like saying there’s no safe way to throw away a car.

You tend to sell such an item.


Of course, disposing of guns in this way is designed to deplete the supply of used firearms. This means there are fewer low-cost, quality firearms available to the poor, the people who are often faced with violence every day of their lives who may feel a profound need to have a gun for self-defense.

Unfortunately, the self-appointed do-gooders have decided to make life even more difficult for these unfortunate souls.

Meanwhile, there will be no impact on gun violence or anything else, all while virtue signaling with what the now scrap is used for. Nevermind that you could take the money and buy gardening tools from a home improvement store for far less cost than this nonsense. However, doing so wouldn’t allow them to tell the world how awesome they are.

I’m sure the crooks who will dump guns used in various crimes will be properly appreciative, though. Anything that can make their lives easier and all that jazz, especially while accomplishing nothing else, is sure to be appreciated.

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