Once Again, Shannon Watts Pushes Gun Laws Before Facts In

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Some people want a moratorium on talking about mass shootings. It’s one thing to report the basic facts, but these folks feel like it might be best to wait until we know something about what happened before jumping into the fray. Since the early hours after a mass shooting is frenzied and confused, a moratorium would give folks on the ground time to get the facts settled before we start delving into the discussion of what happened and what went wrong.

It’s very clear that Shannon Watts is not part of that camp.

Of course, we don’t know what laws may or may not have contributed to this. We don’t know anything at this point. That means Shannon doesn’t know anything at this point either. She’s spouting more nonsense, as per usual.

Watts also retweeted this:

Well, a good friend of mine has a son that was on that campus yesterday when all of this went down. She’s still cool with the Second Amendment.

That’s because this isn’t a gun thing, it’s a human thing.

Let’s not forget that it wasn’t all that long ago when a man decided he wanted to kill people and used a van to do it. He killed ten people, more than the total number shot by the gunman on Tuesday’s fatal attack.

We’re never going to gain any ground on this issue when people keep focusing on the tool used, not the tool using it.

That is something we can and probably should be discussing right now, because there has to be some common pathology to all of these killers. These attacks happen throughout the world. The only continent that seems immune is Antartica, but only because of the profound lack of people, and even it isn’t immune to violence in general.

What we should be looking at is what makes someone think like this. We need to try and understand a person’s psyche so we can learn how to combat the evil desires long before the person takes up a gun or a set of car keys and tries to slaughter as many innocent people as possible.

Too bad that can’t happen.

It can’t happen in part because of people like Shannon Watts, people who are so fixed on the weapon that they won’t let that go. So, the public has to fixate on the weapon as well, despite it not being responsible for anything.

That’s something we desperately need to change.

Unfortunately, as long as people like Watts and her media lackeys continue to beat the drums of gun control at every opportunity rather than being willing to listen to anything else, nothing will change. The truth is, Shannon Watts has her identity so wrapped up in fighting this battle that the last thing I think she wants to do is see things like this end. If it does, she goes back to what she was before: A nobody.