If Australian Gun Laws Work So Well, Why Did Police Find Guns?

AP Photo/Philip Kamrass

Anti-gunners are in love with Australian gun control. In their minds, it’s a perfect utopia, all because of a supposed lack of mass shootings in the nation since it passed gun control. Nevermind that it’s not true. No, they want the laws regardless of mass shootings.

However, if gun control works so well, then why did Australian police just recover a number of firearms during a recent drug raid?

A gun disguised as a pen has been seized and 31 people arrested as police cracked a criminal syndicate peddling illegal drugs between NSW and Tasmania.

More than $2.7 million of the drug ice, cocaine and cannabis were nabbed across an 18-month investigation by state and federal police.

Six guns, including the pen gun, were found in Tasmania.

More than $186,000 in cash and encrypted mobile phones were also seized in both states.

“Pen guns are a concern because they can be easily concealed,” Detective Inspector Kate Chambers told reporters on Friday.

“The size should not deceive us. That firearm is just as lethal as any other.”

But it’s just not possible. I have it on good authority that gun control works.

Only…it doesn’t.

Australia has strict gun control, yet six guns were recovered during a drug arrest. How can that be?

Well, for one thing, drugs don’t necessarily originate within Australia. While pot can be grown locally, cocaine typically comes from other parts of the world. It’s then smuggled into the country.

Guns can also follow these routes.

Criminals are more than willing to sell whatever they can to generate a profit. All that’s needed for that to happen is for someone to have a desire to spend money and have the money to spend. If a criminal has that and wants something illegal, then there will be someone willing to sell it.

That’s the reason the drug trade even exists.

If you ban guns, that same trade can easily be shifted to a new product. Whether the firearms are stolen from elsewhere or purchased somehow, they’re still going to be sent somewhere that they can make a profit. The great thing about a nation that restricts its citizens right to bear arms for criminals is that they can charge as much as they like for the weapons.

They can make even more profit when there’s no other opportunity for people to try and get a gun, even illegally.

Since they’re breaking the law by importing a gun in the first place, why bother keeping them to things like semi-auto? If you’re risking prison anyway, why not get the machineguns instead?

Criminals break the law. It’s what they do. The idea that they’ll somehow respect gun laws or those laws will slow them down is laughable.

That’s how you end up with criminals resorting to things like pen guns…as well as those that are fully-automatic weapons. Where this leads is not anywhere the United States should bother trying to follow.

Nov 26, 2021 10:30 AM ET