NY Democrats Already Planning Next 2A Infringement

AP Photo/Eric Gay, File

Democrats in New York don’t have much to worry about. While there is a Republican Party in the state, the urban centers are large enough that any conservative voices are drowned out pretty quickly. As such, these Democrats can do almost anything they want, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment.

And make no mistake, they know it.

Senate Democrats on Wednesday plan to pass another gun-control bill after the Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved sweeping changes in January.

The latest measure would ban undetectable guns, including 3D-printed guns, from being manufactured and sold in New York.

The bill, also likely to be approved by the state Assembly, comes after a series of gun-control laws passed earlier this year, including a ban on bump stocks and allowing New Yorkers to report people deemed dangerous from possessing guns.

Senate Democrats said the bill was initially scheduled to pass Tuesday, but now is set for approval Wednesday.

Why the new gun bill?

Because they can, that’s why. They know that the governor will sign any anti-gun legislation they put in front of him. They know that Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has been on the warpath against the firearm industry and gun owners for over a year now and he’ll support anything that screws over those groups.

Of course, that’s not the official reason.

Supporters said the ban on firearms that are undetectable by X-ray machines will save lives and bolster New York’s gun laws, which are among the strongest in the nation.

“Our country is under assault from gun violence, and there is a flood of firearms hitting our streets,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers, said in a statement.

“Banning undetectable guns should be a non-controversial priority for all elected officials, yet it took the new Senate Democratic Majority to finally bring this legislation to the floor for a vote.”

Maybe because they’re already illegal?

Undetectable guns are prohibited by federal law and have been for ages. Those laws stemmed from fears that Glocks, with their polymer receivers, were somehow undetectable by metal detectors. They weren’t, of course, but people freaked, so they passed a law.

Even today, truly undetectable firearms are more of a dream than a reality. Even the controversial Liberator–a pistol manufactured by 3D printers before being assembled by the builder–still uses a bit of metal, enough to make it detectable by modern means.

Then again, the Liberator would need a firing pin anyway, since I doubt the printed plastic would be effective for hitting the primer sufficiently on modern ammunition.

In other words, this is a non-threat.

There’s a lot of hysteria surrounding 3D-printed guns. There has been for a while now. What these lawmakers don’t get is that the plans are in the wild now. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. They’re out there, and anyone inclined to use them to skirt U.S. or state gun laws probably already has them. If they want to build a gun and circumvent those laws, they can and will. No legislation will change that.

What it will do, however, is impact hobbyists who represent no threat to the public at all.

But it’s New York. You know its philosophy on that, right? “Screw those people.”