Man Gets 33 Months For Stealing 55 Firearms

Image via Pixabay

If there’s one legitimate gun problem in this country, it’s stolen firearms.

Regardless of who they stole them from, gun thieves turn around and sell firearms to some of the worst people imaginable. They don’t care about what comes next, unlike legitimate gun dealers who will refuse a sale to anyone who appears suspicious. They’re arming other criminals, and they know it.

When a thief robs a gun store, he often has access to all the firearms he can carry.

Recently, a man was sentenced for a theft where he took off with 55 firearms.

A man was sentenced to 33 months imprisonment after admitting to stealing 55 handguns from a popular outdoor adventure sporting goods store along the Northern California coast.

According to a plea agreement before a U.S. Senior Court judge, the man admitted he cut the power lines to disable the store alarm in the early morning hours of Aug. 8, 2015.

“He then climbed on the roof and broke through a skylight to gain access to the firearms.  He broke into a cabinet containing firearms and then carried 55 handguns out of the store in a backpack, forcing open a roll up door to exit the store.”

The man stored the guns for an undisclosed amount of time before he began selling the firearms.

The stolen firearms have been recovered in places as far as Oregon and Georgia. At least one was used in a murder.

For all that, he got less than three years in prison.

Folks, this is how criminals get guns. They buy them on the black market. We know this for a fact. They get them from people who either stole them directly or obtained them from thieves for later sale. Stolen guns are the tools generally used for crimes throughout this country.

I’m sorry, but I think 33 months amounts to a slap on the damn wrist. I’m guessing we’re looking at $22,000 worth of merchandise at least, and I’m pretty sure he’d have gotten the same sentence if he stole a couple of laptops.

Of course, laptops aren’t used to rob, murder, or otherwise terrorize the population as a whole. They’re not sold to people who commit acts that are then used to justify disarming the rest of us.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this scumbag deserves a whole lot more than 33 months.

“Oh, but he cut a deal.”

Yeah, he did. He cut a deal. Unless he gave up some serious heavyweights in the criminal world, I honestly don’t care.

We’re fighting an uphill battle to preserve our Second Amendment rights, desperately trying to block every single anti-gun measure being crammed down someone’s throat, and it’s been justified by the acts of the type of people this jackwagon provides guns to. There are probably people pushing for anti-gun measures right now because of acts carried out with the guns this moron stole.

Yes, I’m taking it as a personal affront. I take every gun theft as a personal affront.

I want the book thrown at these people. They deserve it.

Nov 29, 2021 4:30 PM ET