Nev. Legislator Drops Efforts To End Preemption, Still Pushing Gun Control

Nev. Legislator Drops Efforts To End Preemption, Still Pushing Gun Control

AP Photo/Philip Kamrass, File

A Nevada legislator wants to kill preemption in her state. Her goal was to allow jurisdictions to pass their own restrictive gun measures. Any local authority on gun control is bad…unless it’s creating more infringements on people’s rights.

However, it seems the lawmaker in question has decided to abandon her quest, at least for now. Not that she’s replacing it with something all that much better.

A gun bill sponsor says she is gutting the main provision that would allow counties to pass stricter firearm laws than those imposed by the state.

Democratic Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui said Friday afternoon in a statement that she has decided to remove the portion of the bill at the request of Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit that advocates for gun control measures, and other organizations.

“I am looking at other fixes to improve gun safety in our communities such as extreme risk legislation,” she said.

Jauregui did not return a message seeking further information on the statement. She did not appear to be in her legislative office Friday afternoon.

The provision is expected to be replaced with language creating a so-called “red flag” law allowing police or family members to seek an order to seize guns from people who appear violent or may post a danger.

Because red flag laws worked oh-so-well in California.

The truth of the matter is that her preemption bill wasn’t going to go anywhere. She had to know it, but she pushed it anyway. Why? Well, why does any legislator put forth bills they know damn well aren’t going to pass? So they can pretend they’re good people fighting the noble fight.

But Everytown swooped in and suggested a change that would make the bill slightly more palatable. At least to the middle of the road voters who have been deluded into thinking red flag laws somehow stop gun violence.

The rest of the bill is as harmless as any gun control bill can be. It includes a bump stock ban and would lower the legal limit for the blood alcohol content of anyone carrying a gun outside of the home. Both of those are problematic, but they’re small potatoes in the world of gun control wants.

Jauregui is a survivor of the Las Vegas massacre, which means she’s got a bit of a bone to pick on this issue. Of all the gun grabbers out there, she probably has the most legitimate beef considering she survived the worst mass murder of the modern era.

The problem is, she’s still misguided. None of these will stop the next Las Vegas from happening. None of it at all.

Instead, good people who wouldn’t harm a soul will be negatively impacted by laws like these. People will probably die because of laws like these. No one will be safer because those who want to kill aren’t going to worry about the other laws they have to break in the process.