Trayvon Martin's Mother To Seek Public Office As Anti-Gun Candidate

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

The death of Trayvon Martin sparked debate about self-defense laws throughout the nation. In particular, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law came under fire, despite the law not having been invoked during the defense of George Zimmerman, the man who fired the fatal shots.


For those who don’t remember the details, Zimmerman was a member of his neighborhood watch who thought Martin looked suspicious. After calling the police, he began following Martin. Martin noticed he was being followed, so Martin turned and physically assaulted Zimmerman. At the trial, it was discussed that he knocked Zimmerman to the ground and was slamming the other man’s head into the concrete sidewalk, giving Zimmerman no choice but to fire.

Well, that or have is skull caved in.

Now, the woman that raised the violent thug has decided she’s going to run for public office.

Trayvon Martin’s mother will run for office to push for gun violence prevention. Sybrina Fulton this past weekend announced her candidacy for Miami-Dade County commissioner. Her son was 17 years old when he was fatally shot as he walked home from a convenience store in 2012. Trayvon’s killer was later acquitted on self-defense grounds. Fulton joins at least two other “Mothers of the Movement” whose bids for office were sparked by the shooting deaths of their sons.

So, she did a poor job of raising her son, and now she should be venerated and elected to help run a major American city? Seriously?

I’m sorry, but no.

Frankly, including Fulton as a “Mother of the Movement” immediately discredits the “Movement” as a whole.


Trayvon Martin may have been portrayed in the media as some sweet kid who was innocently strolling along before being viciously gunned down, but the facts of the court case found something very different. He was a violent attacker who got precisely what he deserved.

I have no problem with him confronting Zimmerman. That’s what any reasonable person likely would have done.

Had he turned, verbally confronted Zimmerman with why he was being followed, we’d expect that Zimmerman would have questioned Martin in return. Martin would say that he was going to his father’s house and where it was. Sure, Martin would likely have chalked the whole thing up to racism–never knowing that Zimmerman was as much Hispanic as President Obama is black–and gone on about his day.

He didn’t.

Instead, he assaulted Zimmerman in such a violent way that the other man had no choice but to kill or be killed.

The “Movement” claims to be about those who are left behind after senseless so-called “gun violence,” but Fulton isn’t one. Her son is dead directly because of his violent actions. That’s not exactly senseless. Frankly, anyone with any sense would have done the same (which, admittedly, does rule out much of the media that reported on this at the time).

The gun control crowd will likely hold Fulton up as a living martyr. They’ll talk about how her life was upended because of a lack of gun control, never mentioning that a court found the shooter innocent due to Fulton’s son’s violent actions. None of that will get mentioned.


She’ll be held up and be unassailable on the issue of guns. No one will tolerate her being taken to task for anti-gun rhetoric or nonsense, kind of like how even a year later, we’re not supposed to criticize the Parkland kids or parents. That status of having lost someone to violence–even if the violence was due to their actions–acts like a talisman that shields them from all criticism.

Too bad for her and all of them that I don’t give a damn about their status.

Sybrina Fulton did a poor job of teaching her son how to deal with the situation he ended up facing. That qualifies her for two things: “Jack” and “squat.”

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