CNN Host Mocks Rape Survivor For Second Amendment Stance

If you’re an anti-gunner, it’s probably pretty easy to blow off those who say the Second Amendment is about defending the people against tyranny. After all, an AR-15 isn’t particularly effective against a tank, right?


It gets harder, though, to dismiss the concerns of a gun rights advocate when that person is a survivor of a violent crime, especially one of the most heinous crimes one human can commit on another. I’m talking about rape.

However, CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to have absolutely no problem with it.

As the Washington Examiner‘s Tiana Lowe notes, Cuomo chose the target of his comment very poorly.

In the video Cuomo snarked on, Corban isn’t belligerently calling on Americans to arm themselves to prepare for civil war. She’s not even lauding limitless assault weapons or luxuriating in the gore of guns. She’s recounting how she survived being strangled and raped by a man who is currently serving life in prison, and how the Second Amendment empowers her to defend herself and her children from future threats.

Even if you’re in favor of restricting different kinds of guns or creating registry regulations, Corban is pretty much the worst target you could possibly focus your ire upon. Yet Cuomo cannot help himself.

Of course, for someone like Cuomo, guns aren’t really for self-defense. They’re not for anything except committing crimes, in his eyes.


As Lowe points out, Corban recounts her harrowing ordeal, how she moved into a student apartment and how she’d been told it was safe, that there hadn’t been a single incident in the entire time the place had been open. She talked about how she was the first, how she woke up with a man smothering her, telling her to stay quiet. She talked about how she just knew she was going to die.

Fortunately, she didn’t.

However, anyone should be able to understand why she doesn’t want to be in that situation again. She’s come closer to death than most of us and managed to come out on the other side. Why in the world would she want to tempt fate yet again?

Now, I’d like to believe that Cuomo’s “Only in America” quip was one filled with pride, that we’re a nation that values our citizens so much that we make damn sure they have the means to protect themselves.

The truth is, the police will arrive just in time to draw a chalk outline around your body.

But this is Chris Cuomo we’re talking about here. So far, he’s done nothing to indicate he’s a supporter of the Second Amendment. He’s made noises about not wanting to repeal the Second Amendment, but how many gun grabbers do we encounter who make the same comments? No, it’s clear that he wasn’t offering a heartfelt celebration of the right to keep and bear arms.


Yet Corban was a poor choice of target.

What she does is represent the survivor spirit, someone who went through hell and came out on the other side. She’s someone who may say, “Never again,” as more than a cheap slogan meant to push people to disarm those who have done nothing wrong. For her, it’s more likely to be a personal mantra. One she damn well earned a right to.

The most charitable reading of this is that he didn’t even bother to watch the video and learn Corban’s story. He just went after the pull quote and nothing else. But that doesn’t absolve him for his actions. Not by a longshot.

At the end of the day, Chris Cuomo owes Kim Corban a heartfelt apology. Frankly, I don’t think she’ll get it.

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