GM Of Microsoft Studios Goes On Fat Shaming Anti-Gun Tear

Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Microsoft/AP Images

While the Left often attacks heads of companies that don’t share their values, they seem to believe that their side should be impervious to such behavior. For example, pro-gun activists taking issue with companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Levi Strauss are expected to shut up and keep shopping with companies that disagree with one of our fundamental positions, which is probably why they are ignoring Shannon Loftis right now.

Loftis, for those of you not into video games, is the general manager of Microsoft Studios. That’s the gaming arm of Microsoft. As the head of Microsoft Studios, Loftis holds incredible sway over a large segment of the video game industry.

It seems that she’s also a rabid leftist with all the typical leftist sympathies, including a lack of any for anyone pro-gun.

Loftis was recently involved in a Twitter debate/argument with a woman who didn’t roll over and swallow the anti-gun rhetoric being spread by people like herself and Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter in the Parkland massacre and has spent his time since making a colossal a** of himself.

It started here:

Then Loftis got involved, reporting Hunter’s comment and bragging about it. That got someone named Emme involved, and that’s when Loftis got nasty.

From One Angry Gamer:

This elicited a response from user Emme Olivera, who checked Loftis on attempting to get Hunter’s account banned for simply replying to Guttenberg with stats. Loftis replied telling Emme to “shut up”.

Loftis then told Emme to re-read Guttenberg’s tweet and then comment, or “shut up”. Emme calmly retorted, which resulted in Loftis becoming more incensed, eventually insulting Emme, calling her “obtuse” and later engaging in fat shaming by saying that her words will bite her on her “fat ass” some day.

That last bit is interesting. After all, isn’t “fat shaming” something the Left likes to fight against these days? Isn’t that something for which one cannot be forgiven? I mean, talking about someone’s “fat a**” sure sounds like an attempt to fat shame, right?

Or does that only apply if you direct such shaming at people who aren’t making pro-gun arguments?

For the record, I don’t know what Emme looks like in real life, nor do I particularly care. Loftis made her comment, though, to imply she’s overweight in an attempt to make her feel bad. Whether that insult reflects reality or not is irrelevant.

Loftis has since deleted the tweets, but the internet is forever, and they have been archived. She can’t pretend she didn’t say it. It’s there for the entire world to see…even if she did manage to hide it to some degree.

The problem is that leftist executives are being permitted to spout their rhetoric any time they want and generally face no retribution while right-leaning business leaders are vilified and run out of town on rails. All Brendan Eich did was make a private donation. Loftis is outright bullying and insulting potential customers for having the wrong political opinions.

Frankly, it’s time for Microsoft to find out what their game development GM is doing to alienate their customer base. Maybe once they understand that her nonsense may well cost them real money, they’ll put an end to this nonsense.

It’s a good idea to make damn sure it does cost them some money. Maybe it’s time to boycott Microsoft Studios until Loftis is gone.