Swalwell Claims House Republicans Want Gun Control

Swalwell Claims House Republicans Want Gun Control

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Rep. Eric “Nuke ’em All” Swalwell says a lot of stupid stuff. It’s probably what I like most about the guy. He gives me all kinds of things to write about.


His latest claim, though, may be the most ridiculous, especially if he expects people to believe him. You see, Swalwell claims that a number of congressional Republicans have confided in him that they would like to pass gun control, they’re just worried about keeping their office.

The California Democrat said Congress needs to stand up to groups like the National Rifle Association and pass more gun control laws.

“I’ve come to figure out, going across the country helping 28 members of Congress in their 40s and under win this last election in Texas, in Iowa, in Oklahoma, in Kansas, that you can run on background checks and you’re not going to be punished … It was always used as a tactic to keep us from doing anything on it, but also we’ve got to get rid of the dirty money,” Swalwell said.

“So many Republicans tell me, ‘I know I want to do the right thing on this issue. I’m just afraid I’ll get primaried.’ They’re more worried about their job than doing the right thing,” he said.

Well…I’ll take “Crap that never happened” for $100, Alex.

Isn’t it convenient that all these Republicans are talking to Eric Swalwell, a rabid Democrat who has never met a leftist cause he didn’t like, all about how they would like to pass gun control?


Swalwell is a political nobody, despite being a sitting member of Congress. He didn’t get on anyone’s radar until he unveiled his “assault weapon” ban, with so-called “buyback” included, and it went nowhere. Hell, even with an anti-gun Congress, he still can’t get any real movement on the bill.

But despite that, all these Republicans are coming to him to confess that they’d like to pass gun control, that they consider it the “right thing,” but won’t because of their concern about their jobs. Let me guess, the next thing that happened is one of their children looked at you, spouted a bunch of statistics that no child knows right off the top of their head in order to make an anti-gun point, and everyone around them clapped?

Sure. Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.

Furthermore, I’m beyond sick of these claims of “dirty money” in politics while clearly referring to pro-gun groups like the NRA. Anti-gun groups outspent the NRA in the 2018 elections. Where’s the complaining about that one? Why isn’t that some cause for prescription-grade concern?


Eric Swalwell is nothing more than an opportunistic weasel who is spouting whatever he can to gain some degree of relevance within his party. He’s polling in the decimal point range in a crowded field of Democrats. His name recognition is somewhere between Flo from Progressive and navel lint. He’s desperate.

He wants people to believe that the NRA is the only reason we don’t have gun control. He wants to perpetuate the idea of the NRA as some kind of boogieman.

Frankly, it’s not going to work, especially if the best Swalwell has is recounting conversations about how Republicans all secretly agree with him but are too afraid to act.

Nice story, bro. Bet you’ve got a girlfriend in Canada, too, don’t you?

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