McBath Says She Wants 'Gun Free Society,' Then Tries Backtracking

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Rep. Lucy McBath campaigned for office on gun control. The anti-gun activist became a politician primarily so she could advance an anti-gun agenda. As such, it’s not surprising that she’s pushing for gun control while she’s in office.


Most anti-gunners at least pay lip service to the Second Amendment. They acknowledge that the Constitution preserves the right to keep and bear arms, at least to some degree. They just tend to ignore that pesky “shall not be infringed” bit at the end.

McBath, though, made a comment recently that sounds all too much like what we figured anti-gunners really want.

On Tuesday, Representative Lucy McBath (D., Ga.) urged a group of gun-rights activists to “stand up for a gun-free society” during a press conference on her introduction of a red flag bill.

“The time has come to stand up, to be empowered to save lives,” Rep. McBath said at the end of her press conference. “That is our charge. That is what we’re called to do. So, thank you for being here today. I hope that you take this charge back to your communities and stand up for a gun-free society.”

Well, that’s almost refreshing. An anti-gun lawmaker explicitly stating what they want? I can almost respect it, even if I vehemently disagree.

Don’t get too excited, though. McBath’s office claims she misspoke.


When asked about her comments, McBath’s office referred the Washington Free Beacon to comments made by a spokesperson claiming the congresswoman does not want a “gun-free society” but misspoke.

“The prepared remarks read ‘gun violence free society,’” spokesperson Jake Orvis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Congresswoman McBath is focused on protecting the right of responsible gun owners while keeping their families and kids safe from gun violence.”

McBath’s opponent in 2018, Karen Handel, is less convinced. This may be important since Handel is planning on running again in 2020 to unseat the woman who unseated her.

Frankly, I think Handel is right.

You see, I can’t find myself believing that she’d utter such a phrase while reading from prepared remarks unless it sounded right to her to some degree. It’s possible she doesn’t believe in a “gun free society” and misspoke, but it’s far more likely that this was more of a Freudian slip than a simple misspoken phrase.

It’s also worth noting that her comments were met with applause from the assembled gun control activists.



No one even blinked at the phrase coming from McBath’s lips. They never batted an eye. To me, that’s telling. It’s not just about McBath, but about the gun control crowd in general. They want a gun free society. There was no one there who seemed to pause at the phrase. Why would they? That’s the end goal for them.

Where McBath screwed up, however, is that she said it and no one paused to think about how that would look. It’s such a part of their makeup, a part of their ideology, that they had no reason to pause and think on it. They let it sail right by them.

But remember this the next time some anti-gunner claims no one is coming after our guns. Yes, they are, and they’re starting to let the mask of civility slip.

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