Make July 'Gun Pride' Month!

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Earlier today, I wrote about a high school principal who was suspended over a non-threatening pro-gun tweet. In that post, I note that this is just the latest example of an attempt to silence supporters of the Second Amendment and the ongoing effort to stigmatize gun ownership.


I’ve outlined numerous examples already. Undoubtedly, you can supply still more, I’m sure.

Also, without a doubt, this is rapidly becoming the new normal.

The idea is to push gun owners into silence. They want us unknown and unheard. If people realize that folks they know and respect are gun owners, that gun owners aren’t violent psychopaths who are itching for an excuse to kill someone, they’ll realize that many of the anti-gun arguments don’t hold water. They’ll recognize that many of the claims are nothing more than propaganda pretending to be reasoned thought.

We need to let people know we’re here, we’re armed, and to get used to it.

June is Gay Pride Month. It used to be a single week, but it’s expanded. It’s a time where the LGBT community reaches out and celebrates their existence. It was used initially to remind people that gay folks existed and that they weren’t going to hide in the closet anymore.

Ironically, many of those celebrating are trying to push us into that same closet.

Well, I’m not going. I don’t care if you rebrand the metaphorical closet as a gun safe, I’m not going and not because I make my living talking about the Second Amendment. Even if I didn’t, I’d still refuse to be rendered invisible.


So, I’m proposing we make damn sure people know we’re here and we won’t be silent. Next month is July, the month we celebrate our nation’s independence. How did we get independence? We shot people who thought we shouldn’t have it, that’s how.

As such, I’m making a humble proposal to the pro-gun people throughout the land. I propose we make July “Gun Pride Month.”

We should have a month to celebrate our support of the Second Amendment. We should have a month where we remind people that we exist, that we’re their neighbors and co-workers, their doctors and lawyers, their bankers and checkout clerks; we’re everywhere. More importantly, we should remind people that we’re not going anywhere.

Gun control activists are lashing out, trying to create a world where gun ownership is socially taboo. They want us silent because if people know we exist, they might be interested in our thoughts on gun control. They might seek us out and get facts about guns and how they’re used for self-defense 2.5 million times per year, a number supported by CDC research. They might learn that, contrary to what some claim, many gun owners aren’t racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic haters who despise everyone not like them. They’ll learn that gun ownership transcends demographic boundaries. They might learn that everything gun control activists try to claim is wrong.


Not only that, but we get to spend the month of Independence Day celebrating the ultimate proof that we are truly independent. Let’s start showing our support for gun rights by using the hashtag #GunPrideMonth on pictures of us using our firearms responsibly posted to social media. Let’s start printing t-shirts and posters. Let’s come up with new ideas to remind people that we’re gun owners and we’re Americans, for crying out loud!

We’re here.
We’ve got gun gear.
Get used to it.

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