New Hampshire Governor Expected To Veto Gun Control Bills

New Hampshire Governor Expected To Veto Gun Control Bills

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New Hampshire’s license plates read, “Live Free or Die.” It’s a sentiment near and dear to my heart and, I expect, a lot of yours as well.


That’s especially true when it comes to the Second Amendment. Traditionally, New Hampshire has been a ray of relatively pro-gun sunshine in the darkness that is the American Northeast.

Unfortunately, there are a number of anti-gun lawmakers that are taking hold in the state. They’re trying to push gun control down citizens’ throats. In fact, they’re sending a couple of gun control bills to the governor right now. However, he’s not expected to embrace them.

Two gun control bills are on their way to New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who is likely to veto them.

The House voted Thursday to go along with the Senate’s changes to a pair of gun-related bills. One would impose a three-day waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a gun. Opponents have called it an attack on gun shows and auctions, but supporters say creating a buffer between impulse and action could prevent violence and suicide.

The other bill Sununu is expected to kill calls for universal background checks.

In other words, the usual crap from the usual suspects.

Nevermind that criminals get their guns from the black market which doesn’t ascribe to background checks anyway.

Time and again, anti-gunners push these proposals, policies that would infringe on our Second Amendment rights, all in the name of thinking they know what’s best for each of us.

Here’s the thing, and it’s something New Hampshire used to know, that’s not the government’s job. They can’t do it, and when they try, they tend to suck at it. Instead, it’s far better the government gets out of my way and allows me to take care of that sort of thing myself.


Laws that require I wait to pick up my gun are a problem. They’re nothing more than an attempt by the government to tell me that it knows better than I do about what I need despite knowing nothing about my situation.

Could it cause enough of a delay that someone may change their mind about suicide? Perhaps. Or perhaps they’ll turn to a different method.

“Oh, but people can survive those others and then find a new lease on life!”

Sure. That’s also a possibility. Or maybe it’s not. You see, I hear this a whole lot, about how people survive other methods and don’t want to die anymore, but I have yet to see any statistics. I’ve looked and haven’t been able to find them. Saying someone is “X” times more likely to survive doesn’t mean much unless we can see the percentages.

My guess, it’s not very high, which is why we don’t see anything about it.

Infringing on a person’s right to keep and bear arms–and a right delayed is a right denied–is a concern.

Should Sununu do as expected and veto the bills, that’s a big win. It’s also a signal to these lawmakers that they’d best spend their time and resources on legislation in keeping with New Hampshire than either passing this bill or freaking out about pearl necklaces.

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