Nevada Governor Signs Slew Of New Gun Control Laws

AP Photo/Tom R. Smedes, File

If mass shootings beget new gun control bills, then it was inevitable that Nevada was going to pass some. The worst mass shooting in modern American history took place within its borders, and since then, the media and anti-gun politicians have brainwashed people into believing that gun control is the only potential answer and that there’s little else Nevada lawmakers were going to be inclined to do.


Now, Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has signed a whole slate of anti-gun laws that won’t do anything beyond signaling that legislators are “doing something.”

At various locations throughout Las Vegas, Sisolak signed more than a dozen bills on subjects including gun control and voting rights, which will have real impacts on public safety and participation in democracy.

Assembly Bill 291 bans bump stocks, 19 months after they were used to commit the largest mass shooting in American history at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas. It requires the safe storage of firearms, after years of reports of children gaining access to firearms with tragic results. It lowers the blood- alcohol level to legally posses a firearm from 0.10 to 0.08, to match the state’s DUI standard.

AB291, as well as a bill Sisolak signed earlier in the session, Senate Bill 143 — which enacts universal background checks for all gun sales including those between private parties — are reasonable (and fully constitutional) steps toward preventing future incidents of gun violence. While the ubiquity of firearms in America makes eliminating all gun murders nearly impossible, it should not be an excuse to prevent us from doing everything we can within the law and the Constitution to make those murders less common.


The bump-stock ban is redundant as they’re now illegal at the federal level. The rest is freaking nonsense.

Universal background checks don’t stop bad people from getting guns. Criminals get their weapons from the black market. All universal background checks do is increase the burden on law-abiding citizens and increase the costs of a firearm so that the poor have even more difficulty affording to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. After all, there’s a charge for a background check.

Safe storage laws don’t take into account people’s lives or lifestyle, nor the potential threats against them. I mean, if you receive death threats–and in this day and age, you don’t have to be particularly well-known to get those–and they’re credible, why would you lock up your guns? You may well need them. Same with someone who lives in a rough neighborhood. Safe storage laws inhibit the ability to defend oneself.

Contrary to what the writer claims, all of these infringe on Nevadans right to keep and bear arms and thus should not be allowed to stand. Yes, I know, they’re still smarting from Las Vegas, but that’s no excuse to erode the constitutional rights of Nevada’s citizens. No excuse at all.


Until we start looking at the roots of violence, looking for reasons people become violent, we’re never going to curb the tide of violence in this country. New gun laws aren’t going to change that fact.

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