What Five Kids And Teddy Bears Tell Us About Gun Control

What Five Kids And Teddy Bears Tell Us About Gun Control

Image via Pixabay

One of the purposes for all the hassle we deal with when buying a gun is to keep guns out of the hands of those who aren’t supposed to have them. At least, that’s what we’re told. Supposedly, if we didn’t have to go through a NICS check and fill out a Form 4473, the wrong folks might start buying guns left and right.

Why even kids might get their hands on firearms!

In that case, thank the Lord we’ve got gun contr….wait a minute.

Five teen juveniles have been arrested after being accused of concealing guns in a teddy bear.

Four 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old have been charged with unlawful gun possession, theft and marijuana possession, according to a Metro Police Department press release.

Police found three loaded semi-automatic pistols concealed inside a teddy bear in an upstairs bedroom during a search of the home.

The weapons were loaded. The teens reportedly stole the firearms from the lawful owners.

Well, so much for gun control keeping weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, eh?

The only thing sensational about this story is that they hid the guns inside of teddy bears. The juxtaposition between the innocence of youth and the criminal activities these kids carried out is captured perfectly in that single idea.

However, I have to ask gun control activists, what gun laws would keep these children disarmed? They were already too young to own a firearm lawfully. There are already laws against stealing. We don’t know the guns weren’t secured somehow, so even claiming a safe storage law would have prevented it is, at best, premature.

There’s nothing that we know could have kept these kids disarmed.

Yet few people think arming 14- and 15-year-olds is generally a good thing. While I can think of some kids that age that are plenty mature enough to handle the responsibility, these kids were pot-smoking, breaking-and-entering types. I somehow doubt anyone thought they were mature, responsible young adults.

No, everyone probably had them pegged as thugs from the start and this solidifies that image.

But if these kids could get their hands on guns, how do anti-gunners think they’ll ever stop evil people from getting guns in this country? Just how?

The answer is that they won’t. They’ll keep creating burdens until such a time that they believe they can prevent pretty much anyone from being armed. They’ll likely use the theft of guns to justify preventing anyone from owning firearms. After all, criminals can’t steal what people don’t possess. There’s a reason the most stolen cars are things like Toyotas and not Bentleys. There are a lot more Toyotas to steal.

But them not being able to steal them isn’t going to prevent criminals from getting guns. Those kids probably didn’t steal that pot, yet they got their hands on that too. This was in Nashville, TN, not Boulder, CO. They couldn’t get it from someone who bought it legally.

Yet they still had it.

Frankly, this arrest is a local news story that most people have never heard of. Yet everything about it illustrates the futility and insanity of gun control.