Pittsburgh Bans 'Assault Rifles,' Nearly Has Terrorist Bombing

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto decided that the only possible response to a terrorist attack using an AR-15 in his city was to ban all related weapons. He didn’t care about state preemption laws or anything. He wanted to ban the guns, probably in a pathetic attempt to look like he was “doing something.”


A racist terrorist–because let’s face it, that’s what he was–committed an atrocity and everyone else had to pay the price.

Despite his supposedly pro-active efforts, I’m just curious what he thinks about a radical Muslim planning a church bombing in his city.

A Syrian refugee was arrested on Wednesday in connection with an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on a Christian church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the name of ISIS.

According to the criminal complaint, Mousab Alowemer, 21, was born in Daraa, Syria, and was admitted to the United States as a refugee on Aug. 1, 2016. Alowemer, now a resident of Pittsburgh, is being charged with one count of attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State, and two counts of distributing information relating to an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction in relation to his plan to attack the church, court documents show.

The FBI Pittsburgh Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation revealed that Alowemer planned to hit the Legacy International Worship Center, a church on the north side of Pittsburgh in July “to support the cause of ISIS and to inspire other ISIS supporters in the United States.” Alowemer also targeted the Church — which he believed to be Christian and Nigerian — to “take revenge for our [ISIS] brothers in Nigeria,” according to the complaint.


Now, let’s bear in mind that bombs are already illegal. That wasn’t going to stop Alowemer (allegedly), was it?

There’s a reason for that. The demented and evil don’t need the law to work in their favor. They’ll break the law because they were going to break the law already. What’s one more law to those who hold human life as meaningless?

What will Peduto do now? Ban bombs? Too late. That’s already encoded into law in multiple places, yet clearly, that wasn’t enough to prevent this attack from being planned.

Gun control fans may try and pretend that the fact that this attack was stopped is somehow evidence that laws banning things work. However, that fails on the grounds that we haven’t banned guns, yet shooting rampages are stopped all the time as well.

But what if this hadn’t been stopped? How many would have been killed? How many lives ruined due to such a senseless act?

The evil will be evil no matter what you try to do to stop them. At some point, you have to recognize that you’re causing more harm to the innocent than the evil you seek to prevent.

Let’s also bear in mind that while Pittsburgh passed the ordinance banning so-called “assault rifles,” the city hasn’t started enforcing the law. Alowemer didn’t opt for a gun for whatever reason, so let’s not pretend that Peduto’s new law forced the alleged terrorist’s hand because he couldn’t get one.


No, this is evil for evil’s sake, and despite laws against bombs, he was (allegedly) going to do it anyway.

That should tell you something.

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