Ill. Lawmaker: Maybe It's Just Best To Take Them All

Ill. Lawmaker: Maybe It's Just Best To Take Them All

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Anytime a pro-gun voice talks about anti-gunners coming for firearms, it invariably leads to someone saying that no one is coming to take them.

Of course, we tend to disbelieve such comments. For one thing, there are so many examples of anti-gunners saying something very different. We know that deep in the heart of most gun control activists, they want to end private gun ownership for ordinary Americans. Some want it but realize they won’t get it and thus don’t talk about it anymore. Others still secretly hope for it.

Every now and then, though, someone in a position of power slips up and reminds us how much they really want to take our guns.

From our friends over at The Truth About Guns:

Constituent: You have a SB107 to take away my semi-automatic firearms.

State Senator Julie Morrison: To clarify, I’m not taking your gun away from you. You just can’t buy any new ones.

Constituent: You want me to turn it over to the state police.

Sen. Morrison: You can’t buy new ones.

Constituent: Unless I give you a fine. Unless I pay a fine for each firearm and register them, then I get to keep them. So, if I get to keep it, if I pay a fine and register it, how dangerous is it in the first place? Why do you need to pay it at all?

Sen. Morrison: Well, you’ve just maybe changed my mind. Maybe we won’t have a fine at all. Maybe we’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about you paying the fine.

Morrison didn’t back down from her final statement, either.

Now, as a lawmaker pushing for gun control, she should be aware there’s bound to be some pushback. As we can see in the video, the constituent isn’t being rude or aggressive. He’s not being threatening or anything else, either. He’s questioning the bill being proposed as is his right as an American citizen.

Yet Morrison couldn’t take this. She couldn’t take the idea of a constituent questioning her, so she decided to lash back by saying that maybe they would come after the semi-automatic firearms.

I’m sorry, but that makes her seem unhinged.

Then again, there’s a long-standing theory in pro-gun circles that many anti-gunners are projecting their violent tendencies on gun owners. They know they can’t be trusted with guns, so they can’t imagine anyone else can either.

With Morrison, she switched pretty quickly to taking a confiscation position, all because someone dared to question her.

I hate to break it to her, but she’s not “the lady of the manor” who cannot be questioned by the serfs. She’s an elected official who serves her constituents. They have a right, no, they have an obligation to question her. They have a right to demand that she defends legislation she supports.

And what was her reaction? To claim to have decided confiscation is the way to go.

Morrison is the unhinged one here, and even those who support gun control should be concerned about a lawmaker who is that thin-skinned.

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