Hogg Claims He's Been Target Of Seven 'Assassination Attempts'

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Ever since Parkland, we’ve had to deal with an insufferable bunch of self-important snots who believe that having attended a school where a shooting took place makes them experts on guns, the Second Amendment, and gun policy.


Frankly, pretty much every pro-gun person I know is sick and tired of this bunch, especially their ringleader, David Hogg.

Hogg has spent a lot of time making nonsense claims about firearms in the last year and four months, but his latest claim is the most bizarre.

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg said he has been the target of seven “assassination attempts” in the last year.

The vocal supporter of gun-control legislation detailed his experiences throughout the last 18 months as he went from regular high school student to one of the faces of the school safety movement in an interview with the Washington Post published Tuesday. He was not asked for further details about the threats.

Sure. Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.

Now, let’s be clear. If anyone has even threatened to kill Hogg, they’re an idiot. Do not threaten to kill people, especially people you disagree with. Just don’t. Not only will it do nothing except feed into their self-righteousness, but it’s wrong to do so. We’re better than that. It should go without saying that you don’t act on those threats.

That said, I don’t think there have been seven “assassination attempts.” Hogg is a media darling. Had there been seven attempts on his life, we would have heard about all of them. They’d have been shouted from the heavens in an attempt to make the guy look like a combination of hero and rock star.


We didn’t.

That tells me that no such attempts were made.

If anything, some threats were deemed credible enough for law enforcement to act. Maybe a threat accompanied by a picture of his home would suffice, something that made the threat seen more than idle.

But that’s not an assassination attempt by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, I don’t know that Hogg has even gotten that. His whole schtick is playing the victim. Victims aren’t to be criticized, right? He has to be the victim because had he beaten the gun control drum before Parkland, no one would have cared. After Parkland, however, he’s someone we’re supposed to take seriously. More than that, we’re supposed to listen to him.

After more than a year in the spotlight, people are starting to lose interest. He’s not someone the media can capitalize on anymore.

That is until he talks about seven “assassination attempts.”

Now, they have something. Hogg’s now important. He’s a hero for making his “brave stand” in the face of such alleged hatred. He matters again.

The thing is, no one wants the little twerp dead. Why? For the very reasons he states.

Regarding the death threats and assassination attempts, Hogg said that killing him would be “the stupidest thing they could do to try to end the movement.”

“Because that would make it even more successful in the end,” Hogg told the Post. “Because it would invigorate us and create f—ing change.”


On this, he and I agree. Someone murdering Hogg would be colossally stupid, which is why no one is going to try.

But it feeds Hogg’s ego to believe he’s important enough to assassinate, that people want him dead. If they don’t, Hogg will pretend they do so people will feed into that ego, which is all the more reason to leave him alone.

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