Kamala Harris Continues Campaign Pledge To Become Dictator

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Sen. Kamala Harris desperately wants to become president. She has a good shot at winning the nomination for the Democratic Party, at the very least. Democrats seem to love what she’s peddling.


What’s bothering, though, is that at least part of what she’s selling is a dictatorship.

I’ve talked about this before. What Harris is talking about doing is to rule by fiat. She’s going to create law with a stroke of the pen, and that is an action of a dictator.

We have a legislative process, and if she’s bound and determined to have new gun control laws, then she needs to go through the process should she become president. Otherwise, we’re going to have a problem.

However, over at Hot Air, Allahpundit has an interesting take.

Just what you’d expect a newly elected president in the “honeymoon period” to do after another wrenching, bitter national election: Pick up the biggest culture-war grenade she can find, pull the pin, and roll it through the doors of the Capitol.

Odds aren’t terrible that the Harris presidency ends up being more divisive than the Trump presidency.

Or, alternate theory: Harris has no intention of following through on this but is fully committed to a primary strategy in which no pander is too great in the name of winning Democratic votes.

In other words, she’s telling voters what she thinks they want to listen to and is just saying this so she can get elected.

There’s a certain wisdom in that degree of cynicism.


However, I’m also someone who isn’t willing to assume that what we hear from Harris is just bluster and pandering. She came up through the California political system. It’s difficult to believe that someone coming through that won’t be infected in some part by it. That means she likely dislikes guns in the hands of private citizens.

Further, if she gets elected, she’s going to have to follow through on at least some of this. At least, she will if she wants to be re-elected. Failing to do so will make it less likely that her base would come out on election day. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Since she’s promising executive action, this is a case where she can’t even blame Congress for lack of action. She’ll have to do something.

Now, it’s possible that her actions won’t go nearly as far as her campaign promises, but that still leaves a lot of room for her to mess with our right to keep and bear arms.

In other words, it’s probably for the best to do everything we can to keep her from becoming president. There’s no way a Harris presidency will respect the Second Amendment. Her promise, one she just renewed, is the that could probably spark a civil war. If she can ignore the Second Amendment with a stroke of her pen, what other rights can be ignored?

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