Canadian Drug Bust Finds Guns And Grenades Because Gun Laws Work!

Gun control works! The powers that be in Canada, as well as anti-gunners in the United States, continue to operate on just that belief. They push for laws based on that belief. They parrot it to their buddies in the media, buddies who usually share that belief too.

Of course, if gun control works so well, why did the Royal Canadian Mounted Police find a bunch of guns, among other things, during a recent drug bust?

In late June, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced that they’d discovered three hand grenades, seven guns, and other items of interest during a search warrant in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  The raid resulted in three people being charged with 35 crimes.  The grenades were said to have been handed over to the Canadian Armed Forces in order to verify the original manufacturer and for safe keeping.  The RCMP photo below shows some of the items found during the search warrant.  However, I was unable to see any of the grenades, which were more than likely handled as little as possible.  There was no official word on the make and models of the firearns, but how many can you identify?

The guns aren’t really anything special. A bolt-action rifle someone gave a camo paint job to, an SKS, and a couple of pump-action shotguns that have been sawn-off and turned into pistols. They’re the kinds of guns you can legally obtain in Canada. Yes, even the SKS. While the shotguns might not be in their current configuration (and I say might because I’m honestly not sure), they’re home-modified. Pump-action shotguns are legal and someone could modify them easily enough.

In other words, the guns probably aren’t hard to obtain.

But, on the other than, there were three freaking hand grenades. Just how easy are those to obtain in the Great White North, eh? Holy crap, freaking hand grenades.

Remember, folks, Canada’s gun problems are all the fault of the United States. After all, a handful of people buy guns here, travel north to sell them illegally, and thus create the whole issue supposedly, but I want to know where the hell the hand grenades came from then. After all, live grenades aren’t just sitting around in American gun stores.

Maybe it’s just me, but if Canadian officials are going to try to blame any part of their gun issues on the United States, they should probably get a handle on the number of grenades floating around in private hands. You know, just a thought.

After all, grenades are so tightly controlled in the U.S. that no one seems to own them. Theoretically, you can buy one, but the process is the same as for any other Class III item. However, you have to do it for each item. That means for every grenade you buy, you’d have to go through the whole process and pay a $200 tax stamp on each one.

For a single-use item. I wouldn’t fool with it and I imagine few others would. That’s assuming I’m not completely wrong on the law and they’re actually impossible to get.

Because of that, there’s no reason to even suspect those grenades were purchased legally in the U.S. They came from some other source.

Maybe Canadian gun grabbers should think about that before they try to crack down on law-abiding citizens in the delusion they can disarm the bad guys that way. If these guys got grenades, do you think they’ll have trouble getting anything else?

Jun 25, 2022 12:30 PM ET