Woman Opens Fire In McDonald's Over Cold Fries

No one likes it when the food you’re paying for is cold. At least, not when it’s supposed to be hot, anyway. It’s an irritating and infuriating thing that I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with. It’s also not unusual for someone to get outright furious at the situation.


However, few of us are willing to get violent over it.

According to reports, though, that’s precisely what happened in a Georgia McDonald’s.

A Georgia woman is in custody after the owner of a McDonald’s in Garden City said she fired a gun inside the restaurant.

The restaurant owner says the woman left with her order and then came back, saying the fries were cold. According to the owner, as the manager went to get new fries, the woman went into the kitchen and fired a shot into the floor.

The owner says he gave the woman a refund and she left.

Police arrived at the scene at about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday and learned the woman had left. They stopped Lillian Tarver’s car on Liberty Parkway and took her into custody without incident.

An employee at the McDonald’s tells WTOC there was a full fledged brawl in the kitchen before the shot was ever fired.

The woman allegedly began assaulting McDonald’s staff before leaving the store, then returning with the gun. That’s when she allegedly opened fire.

If that’s accurate, that the shooter is about to have a huge problem. Georgia is a Stand Your Ground state, but there’s absolutely no way any of this could be considered standing your ground and that’s important. Contrary to what you hear in the media, stand your ground laws aren’t legalized murder laws. There are specific criteria that have to be met for the law to apply and none of those were met based on these reports.

For one, she allegedly initiated the altercation. That’s generally considered strike one.

Strike two comes when she left the restaurant and returned with a firearm. If she could leave without further incident and apparently did so, there was no threat to her personal safety. While Stand Your Ground doesn’t require you to retreat, it also doesn’t allow you to wander off, get your gun, and return unless you’re returning because someone else is in danger.


For example, if you can get away from your attacker and they don’t pursue, you can’t come back later to shoot them. That’s revenge, not self-defense. On the other hand, if you and someone else are being attacked, you get away but the other party doesn’t, you can generally come back to protect the life of the other person.

That wasn’t the case here, apparently.

This is also a prime example of how not to be a gun owner. This is irresponsible at best, a malicious attempt at revenge on the other. This is something we need to make it a point to call out when it happens. We cannot and should not tolerate such unacceptable behavior.

Of course, what we don’t know is whether the shooter was a lawful gun owner or not. The news doesn’t say one way or another. Her alleged actions are such that it doesn’t really matter to me. What does matter is that if she’s convicted, she’ll never be a lawful gun owner again.

Hat tip: The Truth About Guns

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