Three Shot In London Drive-By Shooting, All Despite Gun Control Laws

England has every advantage for gun control it could want. The nation’s on an island surrounded by countries that also share its affinity for gun control. If gun control worked like proponents claim–including the only way for guns to arrive is to be smuggled from pro-gun areas–then England should be perfectly safe.

It’s not.

Most of our attention has been on the knife crime and the ridiculous steps the UK has undergone trying to combat it, but that’s far from the only kind of crime out there. After all, there are still plenty of guns in criminal hands.

London’s raging wave of violent crime shows no signs of letting up after three men were hospitalised following a suspected drive-by shooting.

Met Police confirmed officers were frantically scrambled to Kingsland Road, Dalston at around 10.30 pm last night to reports of gunfire.

Three men subsequently attended hospital and their injuries are linked to the shootings, cops say.

Their condition is not thought to be life-threatening.

Reports suggest that the incident may have been a drive-by shooting that took place during an event to mark the death of Rashan Charles.

Charles, 20, was chased into a Dalston grocery store before being restrained on July 22 2017.

During his arrest, the father-of-one swallowed a package containing a combination of caffeine and paracetamol.

An inquest later recorded the death as accidental.

His death has sparked riots on the streets of the area with furious protesters pelting cops with missiles and setting objects on fire.

Of course, as an American sitting on the other side of the Atlantic and enjoying the freedoms provided by the Constitution, I can’t help but wonder how something like this could happen in the gun control Utopia that is England. It’s not possible, right?

Here’s something else to consider for a moment. We spend a lot of time discussing England’s draconian anti-knife efforts, but this shows there are still guns aplenty in the country. This is someone who opted to shoot up a political event–Rashan Charles and the rioting following his death remind me of Black Lives Matter in many ways–and not some high-level criminal with all the resources available.

It sounds like England’s gun control laws haven’t done crap.

It’s not surprising, though. Gun control laws rarely work to disarm the criminals. It does nothing to change the violent heart of a brutal criminal, either. As a result, good people continue to be hurt but have no means to defend themselves in the future because the British government has labeled them the enemy.

Meanwhile, criminals are still free to gun down people during public events.

How’s that gun control thing working out for you, England?

Undoubtedly, someone will respond by claiming that it worked in England. They’ll produce corollary evidence that suggests that it does. What they’ll fail to note is that England has become more and more violent since they passed its gun control law, even if the weapons did change. It has also missed that guns are still used plenty but never can be used in self-defense legally.

For me, that’s a huge problem.