Pelosi Calls Senate's Refusal To Pass Gun Control 'A Stain'

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. Right now, she has a fair bit of power in Congress, what with her party controlling the House of Representatives and all.


However, her party can’t ram legislation through, no matter how much she may try.

That’s because the Senate remains in GOP hands. The shenanigans of the Kavanaugh hearings helped make sure of that. With Republicans still holding a chamber of Congress, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats can’t ram through legislation and force the president to either decide or veto it. When it comes to guns, that’s probably a good thing.

After all, Trump has signaled his willingness to at least consider gun control in the past.

Speaking in the wake of Gilroy, however, Pelosi decided to join the chorus blaming a lack of federal gun laws for Gilroy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) sharply criticized the Senate on Monday for not advancing gun-control legislation, calling the continued inaction of the Republican-led chamber “a stain on the conscience of our nation.”

Her statement came in response to a mass shooting at a festival in Gilroy, Calif., that killed three and injured at least 15 before police fatally shot the gunman.

“Enough is enough. Congress has a responsibility to every family torn apart by gun violence to act, and help advance a future that is finally free from this senseless violence,” Pelosi said. “Every day the Senate refuses to act is a stain on the conscience of our nation.”


Except, it’s not.

Oh, I get that Democrats genuinely believe that. I get that they’re convinced there is no possible solution available besides federal gun control.

Yet Pelosi is trying to speak for the country, and that’s really not an accurate statement because of that.

What happened in Gilroy is awful. It’s just as awful as any of the dozens of other mass shootings we’ve heard about over the years. However, let’s also note that Democrats held the entire government less than a decade ago and did nothing. They certainly could have, but they didn’t. Why?

Simple. They didn’t care then. While they had anti-gun zealots in their ranks even then, they didn’t care enough about the issue to try and push it back then.

Now, they think it’ll benefit them. They still don’t care, they just figure they can grandstand in this moment, using the bodies of the slain as a soapbox once again to try and hammer Republicans. Their buddies in the press will echo the call, as they typically do, and try and press the issue. They want to use this as a campaign issue as well, to try and take the Senate and the White House while holding onto the House itself.


They see this as one of the issues that will do it.

What they don’t do is actually give a damn about what happened. They never have and they never will. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to stick it to their opponents and nothing more.

If they did, they’d also consider the 2.5 million people the CDC reports use their firearms in self-defense every single year. They’d consider the impact that gun control laws like waiting periods have on people like stalking victims and abused spouses. They’d think about how little universal back actually impact criminals.

That is the real stain on this country’s conscience, that so many of the Democrats just don’t give a damn about you or your life.

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