Man Beaten In Manhattan By Group For Wearing MAGA Hat

When members of the Left proclaimed it was morally justifiable and even their moral duty to “punch Nazis,” many on the Right were concerned. Despite knowing damn good and well that none of us are Nazis, that doesn’t mean someone else out there doesn’t think we are. In this day and age, people get called Nazis over the dumbest things.

Talk about “punch a Nazi” was troubling because it was a literal call for violence against people the Left disagreed with.

At the time, a lot of people dismissed it by saying those calling for such violence didn’t have the cajones to carry it out.

The thing is, there’s often a lot of courage to be found in a mob.

New York City art gallery owner says he was viciously beaten in Manhattan by a large group of teens for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Jahangir “John” Turan, 42, says it happened Tuesday evening on Canal Street.  He was wearing the MAGA hat that he had purchased earlier in the day at Trump Tower.

He says the group of about 15 “kids” yelled “F*** Trump” and stomped on him.  One of them smashed his head into a scaffold.  Turan says he suffered a fracture in his cheek and a badly swollen eye.  He’s awaiting an eye specialist to determine if there is any permanent damage to his sight.

Remember, when everyone who supports Trump is a supposed Nazi in their minds, anyone can be the target of violence. Let’s also remember that New York has had a lot of hateful anti-Trump and anti-Trump supporter rhetoric floating around town. While there have been a lot of fake “hate” crimes lately, Turan was assaulted, and it fits with what we know of NYC. I’ll take him at his word.

There is no world in which this is right, and I don’t give a damn who the candidate was. This could have been a Bernie Sanders supporter being savaged by right-wing “kids” and I’d still decry this violence. It has no place in a free society’s political discourse.

However, let’s also remember that this is the same mentality that led to an armed assault on an ICE facility in Washington. These are some of the same people arming themselves for future conflicts.

As things have been progressing over the last couple of years, expect things to get a lot more sporty in the coming years.

Turan was beaten and could have suffered permanent injury over wearing of a hat. To make matters worse, there are those who learned of this story and popped off with a “well what does he expect” response. That’s troubling.

All of this serves as yet another reminder. It’s a reminder to get your carry permit if you don’t have one, carry with you everywhere you possibly can, to train regularly and intensely, to get yourself in good physical condition, and be ready. Members of the Left are proving they have no issue with using violence against those who oppose them. It’s time to remind those so inclined that we have no issue using violence to protect ourselves and others.

Violence is coming unless something dramatic changes. It’s coming, and it will get worse.

I’m just glad Mr. Turan didn’t get as badly hurt as he could have, as mobs like this have killed people before. They will in the future, too. I’m just happy that Turan, despite the possibility of permanent injury, is in as good a shape as he is following his ordeal.