Feds Claim Man Convinced 7 Women To Straw Buy, Charges Filed

One of the issues we have in this country isn’t that there’s a lack of gun control, it’s that so many of the gun laws we have simply aren’t enforced. While most criminals get their guns off the black market, still others use illegal means to try and obtain guns through law-abiding gun dealers. Even when dealers suspect something is up, nothing is ever done to prosecute those who tried to circumvent the law.

It’s kind of aggravating to be told that the solution to gun violence is for more laws to be passed when the only people being inhibited by the existing laws are the law-abiding.

However, to give the feds their due, they do seem to be prosecuting someone for a change.

Federal investigators say seven women purchased more than 30 handguns at Detroit-area stores at the direction of a convicted felon who couldn’t possess firearms.

Charges were filed Wednesday against the women and Ruemondo Murray. The women are accused of conspiracy and making false statements while buying guns last fall, typically at Dunham’s stores. Investigators say Murray’s goal was to resell the weapons on the streets.

Of course, these are only the ones the feds know about. How many people did he get to buy him guns beforehand? How many guns did he sell along the way?

To be fair, straw buys aren’t the most pressing issue when it comes to so-called illegal guns. No, the bigger issue are stolen guns. Burglars take guns from homes and gun stores, then turn around and sell them on the street. Because they have so little actually invested in the guns, they can sell them cheaply, which puts guns in a lot more hands.

Murray’s alleged actions would actually make the guns more expensive than stolen guns since he clearly wanted to make a profit off them. A $400 gun can’t sell for $200 after a straw buy. That reduces the market, just a bit.

Of course, it also makes sure his market are those who definitely can’t buy a gun any other way. Some black market sales are simply to people who are idiots or who don’t want to think about where the gun came from. I’m not saying there are many like that, but there are occasionally some of those. With straw buy guns being turned around, those who could buy legally aren’t going to pay more money for it. That means the only buyers are likely to be criminal.

Currently, the charges appear to be just against the women, though Murray is in prison. The reason? Parole violation. They found him with a gun and ammunition, which he’s not allowed to have. They’ve got him locked up already. However, I do think we’re likely to see some charges against him soon enough.

The problem, however, is that anti-gunners will try to use something like this to push for still more gun laws that will interfere with our right to keep and bear arms but would do nothing to stop someone who doesn’t care about the law in the first place. Which is allegedly who got arrested in the first place.