CNN Plans Another Gun Town Hall, But Will Anyone Pro-Gun Take Part?

In the wake of Parkland, CNN held a town hall to talk about the topics of guns, gun control, mass shootings, and whatever else came up.

What they got was an absolute trainwreck.


Dana Loesch was demonized and physically threatened. Pro-gun voices watching knew damn good and well their views weren’t going to get a fair shake. In the aftermath, nothing much has changed. The cable news network has continued to promote anti-gun voices and display clear left-wing bias.

Well, they’re doing it again.

That’s right. They’re going to host another town hall to discuss the same subject. However, this one is set up to be an even bigger trainwreck, so much so that some are advising gun rights advocates not to go.

To be more serious: If this is like CNN’s last town hall on gun violence, it will be an irredeemable mess. The last one allowed for the demonization of its pro-Second Amendment guests. It also allowed bad faith gun control activists to go unchallenged. If you can believe it, the [Chris] Cuomo town hall will likely be even worse. At least the last one had the potential to be informative. After all, CNNs’ Jake Tapper, who served as the moderator, is not a complete clown. You cannot say the same for Cuomo.

It is almost always worth it to go into hostile territory to argue one’s principles. But CNN is not exactly the Roman Senate. It is the Coliseum, and the masters of ceremonies want a bloody spectacle. There is a certain thrill to entering a lopsided fight. But this upcoming town hall will likely not even be that. It will be the same as throwing oneself to the lions. There is prudence in choosing an at least half-decent battlefield. A prime-time CNN town hall hosted by Chris Cuomo is not it.

Gun rights activists should steer clear of this forthcoming debacle. If it is anything like the last one, it will be a setup. Watch it from a distance, sure, but do not get too close. They will try to make an example of you.


Beckett Adams, who wrote this, isn’t wrong. Cuomo isn’t a newsman, he’s a talking head who is going to parrot the same anti-gun talking points his brother has based his legislative agenda on. He’s clearly biased as hell on the topic, so having him host it automatically puts anyone from the pro-gun side at a huge disadvantage.

Adams notes last time that Israel was able to dismiss any suggestion that anyone wants to take our guns away not 24 hours after former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens penned an op-ed calling for that very thing.

And that was with Jake Tapper hosting. Tapper isn’t perfect, but he’s probably the best host CNN has (I know, damning with faint praise, but still…).

Honestly, what advantage would it be for any of us to take part in this sideshow? Loesch has a lot of experience being the punching bag for the anti-gunners, and yet even she experienced something beyond the realm of good taste. Anyone willing to step up and discuss controversial issues with people should be afforded at least some degree of politeness, at least to start. Loesch got no such thing and there’s little reason for any of the rest of us to subject ourselves to that.

CNN isn’t likely to ask me, which is fine. After all, the answer would be a profound “no,” possibly preceded by some words that I won’t use here at Bearing Arms. But I’m going to join Adams in his call for other gun rights activists to say no as well. Also, make it known that we’re saying no based on what happened to Dana Loesch during the last town hall.


If CNN wants to portray itself as unbiased, they need to start acting like they are.

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