Kamala Harris Makes Anti-Gun Proposal That Will Basically Do Nothing

Sen. Kamala Harris is like most Democrats these days. She’s spouting a whole lot about what she’ll do about guns should she become president. Frankly, it’s outright terrifying. After all, she’s willing to use executive action to create gun control by declaration rather than using the legislative process.


However, in and amongst the whole discussion of guns this week, Harris sent out a tweet that basically suggested she’d create rules that would do even less than standard gun control would.

She’s going to ban imports of AR-15s.


Clearly, Sen. Harris knows even less about guns than we thought.

Most AR-15s are generally produced right here in the United States. While there may be some that are imported, I can’t think of any that I know are definitively imported. Almost all of the manufacturers I know of both large and small are American-based. As a result, banning the import of such weapons is essentially meaningless. Especially since those companies that I can think of that might import AR-15 pattern rifles also have American divisions that could make them instead.

If they aren’t already.

After all, non-sporting arms are already banned from import. This has been the law for decades at this point. While imports still take place, these are for “sporting” arms, meaning weapons used for hunting or competition that aren’t useful for self-defense as they’re imported. Now, once they’re imported, they can be modified for defensive use, but they can’t come into the country that way.


So, basically, Harris is threatening executive action to stop and activity that’s already illegal and isn’t happening anyway.

Honestly, this would be humorous were it not for the very real fact that this is a United States senator that a large number of people actually want to see a President of the United States. This is also a former attorney general for the state of California, a prosecutor who should at least have some familiarity with the law.

Yet here she is, spouting nonsense.

Oh, it would be easy to dismiss this as nothing more than campaign rhetoric except for two things. One is that if she was going to just blow smoke up people’s rear, she could have taken it even further.

Second, despite having the facts, or lack thereof, her tweet pointed out to her, she’s still running with it.

There’s no other way to phrase it. Sen. Kamala Harris is an idiot. She doesn’t know the current law and she doesn’t know what’s even enforceable. After all, restricting the number of private sales you can make is virtually impossible. Did I sell five guns this year, or six? Without a paper trail, it’ll be almost impossible to prove, making such a measure meaningless.


Of course, saying Harris doesn’t understand the law is kind of redundant. This is the woman threatening executive action to create all new laws out of thin air despite the law clearly stating how laws are actually created.

I know, however, that gun manufacturers overseas are shuddering under the weight of Harris’s threat. They’re clearly worried about their non-existent AR-15 imports drying up.

Not that Harris should be dismissed. Should she somehow rebound from her poor performance in the polls of late, her becoming president would still be a disaster, not just for gun rights but for the nation as a whole. After all, there’s every indication to suggest she actually believes a president can just decree laws into existence.

Hard pass.

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