The Mass Killing You Heard Nothing About

Mass killings are the news these days. After Gilroy, followed soon after by El Paso and Dayton, it’s hard not to understand why mass killings are such big news. Someone killing a number of folks is definitely newsworthy.

Then why was there a mass killing on Wednesday that most of us heard nothing about, nothing at all?

Well, you see, it’s because the killer used a knife.

A 33-year-old Garden Grove man has been arrested in a violent stabbing and robbery spree that started in Garden Grove and ended at a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana Wednesday evening, leaving four people dead and two more critically wounded.

The entire incident began a little after 4 p.m. and ended at around 6:30 p.m. Cameras captured footage of the suspect being apprehended by police.

Two men were stabbed to death at a Garden Grove apartment complex, a man was stabbed and killed at a Subway restaurant in Santa Ana and a security guard was stabbed and killed at a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana. A woman who was stabbed at a Garden Grove insurance business and a man who was stabbed and nearly had his nose severed off while he was pumping gas at a Chevron station survived, but are both in critical condition.

The suspect was likely armed with a gun and a large knife during the spree, police said. He appeared to have picked his victims at random.

Four people are dead, two others injured during the rampage.

There are questions of course. Most noticeably was why didn’t he use the gun he was carrying? Anti-gun proponents would argue that if he had, he could have killed even more. That may well be true. Then again, if he had car keys as well, he could have used that to kill still more.

What does this mean, though?

Simple. It means that evil is going to do what evil is going to do. No restriction on weapons will curb mass attacks. The evil that walks among us has way too many options to inflict violence upon us with.  They can build explosives using everyday items if they know how. They can drive over us with their cars or vans. They can stab us. All of those are things that can be obtained without a background check, for the record.

Guns are not the problem. They never have been.

The problem is that there’s something flawed in our society that we need to figure out and fix. People are losing their minds and killing others, and for what? No one has ever changed their opinion following a mass killing so that it mirrors the killers. It’s just not something that happens and it never will be.

Yet what will happen is anti-gunners and their friends in the media will refuse to report an incident like this, something so ferocious and violent that it should chill the blood, simply because he didn’t use a gun.

On the flip side, if one of these people had been lawfully armed, the story would read quite differently, but alas, they were in California, and thus little more than sheep to the slaughter.