CNN Hosts Hickenlooper, But Fails To Note One Important Point

CNN recently had former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on the air. Of course, Hickenlooper has been all over the media trying desperately to pump some life into a presidential campaign that made Eric Swalwell’s look like that of a frontrunner. Seriously, RealClearPolitics isn’t even tracking his polling numbers, and they have people at 0.3 percent, so how low is he?


One of Hickenlooper’s main points is that he supposedly defeated the National Rifle Association following a mass shooting in his state and that he can do it again. All of this was echoed on CNN, which isn’t a network likely to place a critical eye on such claims.

How do we know they won’t? Well, the fact that they didn’t, maybe?

It seems CNN failed to note an important fact about Hickenlooper’s gun control efforts.

On Saturday’s CNN Newsroom, during an interview with former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, CNN host Ana Cabrera failed to inform viewers of some very important facts as she discussed the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s successes in passing gun control in his home state in 2013.

As the CNN host asked the Democratic presidential candidate about the issue of how to get at least some Republicans to go along with such measures, she failed to note that violent crime has increased substantially in Colorado every year since the passage of more gun control in 2013.

What’s more, violent crime had been on a steady decline over the previous decade before the new gun restrictions were adopted, making the crime change in the wrong direction even more striking.



Of course, CNN did point out that Hickenlooper didn’t exactly work across the aisle to make this happen. The vote was purely along partisan lines. In other words, Hickenlooper’s claim that he beat the NRA is suspect at best. It’s like the governor of California bragging about beating the NRA. When the left has absolute control of the lawmaking apparatus, it’s not exactly an accomplishment to pass gun control regulations.

However, it is an accomplishment–a negative one–for a governor to take a state with declining violent crime and lead to an increase.

Why, it’s almost like gun control leads to more crime or something. Shocking, I know, but there it is.

Further, Hickenlooper’s efforts also pushed Magpul to leave the state, depriving it of jobs and the resulting tax revenue. I somehow don’t think that’s going to ever appear on the campaign’s website.

At the end of the day, we see this play out time and time again. Gun control gets passed and politicians get to brag about what all they do, but they never pay attention to the lives destroyed in their wake. They are so deluded in the idea that gun control is an automatic good that they never ponder what the effects of such laws really are. They get fed a steady diet of BS studies fueled by confirmation bias and pat themselves on the back for being so progressive.


Meanwhile, people die.

We see the link. Will anti-gunners?

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Gov. John Hickenlooper as “George Hickenlooper.” The correction has been made.

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