Another Mass Shooting The Left Doesn't Want To Mention

The anti-gun media has been heavily focused on the shootings in El Paso and, to a lesser extent, Dayton. They have been for over a week. Only the death of Jeffrey Epstein has shifted the media’s attention away from those two incidents to any significant degree.

While the upside is that all the gun experts on social media are now prison experts, the truth is that there’s still a large part of the media heavily focused on guns and mass shootings.

Despite this intense focus, there’s been no national media attention on a mass shooting which left six people injured.

There was yet another mass shooting on Chicago’s streets overnight Saturday into Sunday – the third now in a period of about a week.

As CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reported Sunday, the shooting came as police reported they are dealing with escalating arsenals of artillery on the streets.

Police were called at 2:47 a.m. Sunday for the latest shooting in the 3500 block of West Lake Street, near St. Louis Avenue, in the West Side’s East Garfield Park neighborhood.

According to police, the victims were among over 100 people attending a street party. Police said several altercations occurred at the gathering.

Of course, it could have been worse. After all, 100 or so people were reportedly attending the party, and only six were injured?

Then again, they also met armed resistance.

Six people were struck by gunfire, Police said the bullets hit a 25-year-old man and five women between 27 and 38 years old.

At least two people fired back at the gunman, police said.

There’s no apparent motive for the attack. While it’s likely, given the area, that this was a gang-related activity, that’s not known for certain just yet.

So where is the media?

Oh, that’s right. They don’t care about the violence in Chicago or the fact that Illinois has pretty strict gun laws, particularly in Chicago, and yet something like this happened.

The fact that six people are wounded rather than dead has less to do with the gun laws and more to do with the fact that the shooters had poor aim, thankfully. Dozens could have been killed.

So why the silence? Why not talk about this one?

Frankly, there’s the fact that the media doesn’t care about minorities unless they can use them. There’s also the fact that despite things like universal background checks, criminals are still getting guns quite easily so they can do things like this. On every level, gun control has failed, and yet we continue to hear the media bleat about it, parroting progressive talking points over and over again.

When gun control fails there’s silence. There’s no mention of this. There’s no mention of any of it.

And there won’t be. It does them no good to mention it. It serves their agenda in no way, so they’ll ignore it. They’ll ignore it while pontificating on the glories of gun control.

Meanwhile, they’d turn the rest of the country into inner-city Chicago.