Latest ICE Facility Attack Shows Left Has Their Own Violence To Quell

While the media is still prattling on about how President Trump is somehow responsible for El Paso because the alleged shooter used some similar language regarding immigrants in his manifesto, there has been another attack at an ICE facility. This time, an armed individual fired two shots at ICE offices in San Antonio.

From National Review:

San Antonio police are questioning a man who is suspected of shooting at downtown office building occupied by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to local CBS affiliate KSAT.

Police responded to reports of gun shots around 3a.m. Tuesday morning. The suspect fired at the building from across the street, damaging several windows, according to police.

No one was harmed in the incident but police are investigating whether the shooter intentionally targeted the ICE office, which is on the 14th floor of the high rise building. The suspect was taken into custody shortly after the shooting just blocks away from the office building.

Of course, this is just a month after another attack against an ICE facility in Washington state.

Now, this isn’t the most lethal attack possible. After all, I highly doubt the offices were bustling with people at three in the morning. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anyone there.

Right now, police are trying to determine whether the facility was the actual target or not. While it’s likely that it was, this is called “being thorough,” and I can respect that.

However, while the Left is ready to pin El Paso on Trump, the Washington attack and this one–again, assuming the ICE office was specifically targetted–has to fall on Leftist lawmakers who have referred to ICE detention facilities as “concentration camps.” That language is particularly incendiary in a world that remembers the Holocaust all too well. Is it any wonder that someone would hear that, then lash out at the agency managing those facilities?

People like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) continue with the same inflammatory rhetoric, all while accusing Trump of fanning flames of hatred against Hispanics due to his tough stance on illegal immigration.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

The only reason neither of these attackers killed anyone doesn’t appear to be a lack of desire, particular with regard to the Washington attacker. Even if this latest attack was just meant to scare people, that wasn’t the case in the earlier attempt. The only person to die in that first assault was the attacker, but that wasn’t because of his refusal to take human life. It’s because he got shot before he could kill anyone.

If the president is going to be told to answer for his rhetoric, it’s time the Left be held to the same standard. While many on that side of the aisle decry the violence they’re seeing from people like Antifa, far too many lawmakers are still refusing to admit their culpability. If President Trump’s referring to illegal immigration as an “invasion”–a characterization he was hardly the first to use–was sufficient grounds to blame him for El Paso, then Ocasio-Cortez needs to accept responsibility for these ICE attacks.