Coroner Finds Cocaine In Dayton Mass Shooter's System

It’s against federal law for anyone who uses illicit drugs to own or possess a firearm. While this is a topic of much discussion, particularly with regard to medical marijuana and gun ownership.


Regardless of that discussion, it’s still illegal. It’s a gun control law that says they can’t purchase firearms.

Once again, it seems gun control failed.

The Dayton, Ohio, mass murderer who fatally shot nine people and wounded 27 others had cocaine and other drugs in his system at the time of the bloodbath, a coroner said Thursday.

The doctor added that Xanax and alcohol were also discovered in [the killer’s] body.

Montgomery County coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger said that authorities discovered a bag of coke on the 24-year-old killer’s body after police officers shot him dead.

The coroner also said the killer was shot at least 24 times.

Yet the important part is that he had drugs in his system. He was jacked up on all kinds of things when he carried out that shooting, but all of those things legally barred him from having a firearm in the first place.

If we’re going to talk about how “assault weapons” should be banned and how we need red flag laws and universal background checks, we also need to talk about how the law that requires the Form 4473 to ask if people are using any illegal drugs doesn’t actually stop drug users from buy isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

About the only thing it’s good for is throwing it in someone’s face after they’ve been caught in breaking some other law. Rarely is it useful in preventing an act of violence.

Yet this is part of gun control. Someone who wanted gun control proposed to start asking the question. They said it would do good in our society, it would end drug dealers and users getting guns they would then use to rob and hurt people.


Well, how did that work out? How did that end?

Further, if we learned nothing from Philadelphia, it’s that drug dealers get guns quite easily, even despite extensive criminal records that bar them from buying guns in any law-abiding gun store. How is that?

Maybe it’s because criminals are criminal by definition. They do not follow laws. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. Once they decide to break one law, it becomes easier to justify breaking still more. That includes gun laws.

The Dayton gunman is just one example of a morally bankrupt easily sidestepping the rules surrounding guns because it’s inconvenient to follow them. They make up their own rules. They always have.

Here he was, stoned out of his mind, carrying an AR-15 pistol equipped with a stabilizing brace, and decided to gun down as many people as he possibly could. That includes killing his own sister.

What laws are really going to stop that kind of evil? What rules are you going to put in place that will put an end to these kinds of attacks when literally nothing has worked so far?

Nothing will, either.

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