CNN Host To Gillibrand: 'You Get It' On Gun Control

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t exactly a frontrunner in the crowded field of Democrats trying to get the chance to take a shot at President Trump. That’s not very surprising. She didn’t really have the name recognition of an Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, or Kamala Harris, much less a Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.


Still, she’s running, and that means she’s going to make some appearances on television.

For her, though, that’s a lot easier when the CNN host you’re talking with is in lockstep with you on gun control.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin appeared to endorse Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D., N.Y.) stance on gun control during their interview Tuesday, telling the lawmaker “you get it.”

Baldwin asked Gillibrand if she was “less hopeful” about whether laws like expanded background checks could get passed in the wake of recent mass shootings, given reports that President Donald Trump had privately backed offhis support for such measures.

Gillibrand replied Trump lacked courage and wasn’t willing to stand up to the National Rifle Association, saying there were plenty of “common-sense” measures that could be passed.

“Universal background checks, making sure we ban assault weapons and large magazines, and a federal, anti-gun trafficking law,” Gillibrand said. “We shouldn’t have to live in a world where kids doing back-to-school shopping at Walmart are afraid, where kids are doing shelter-in-place drills as opposed to mathematical drills. It’s not what we should be aspiring to.”

“How can President Trump get it? You get it,” Baldwin said, interrupting. “How can President Trump get it? How can Senator Mitch McConnell get it?”

So much for the media at least pretending to be unbiased, right?

The thing is, I’m not sure Gillibrand “gets” anything. She was a staunchly pro-gun lawmaker when she was in the House and represented a semi-conservative district. Then she decided to run for Senate and suddenly, guns were bad. After all, she was campaigning in a very anti-gun state. They wouldn’t have backed a pro-gun candidate so she simply stopped being one.


Now she’s in the Democratic primary where she has to be anti-gun yet again. Besides, she has to maintain that cred in case she has to run for Senate again.

She gets nothing.

But Baldwin is reprehensible in her own way. Here she is, ostensibly a journalist, and openly endorsing gun control on a news program for a network that repeatedly expresses outrage over accusations of them being biased. She’s pretending to be an unbiased news anchor at a cable news network while presenting this nonsense.

For die-hard Second Amendment supporters, this isn’t an issue. We can recognize the issue and move forward.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that by pretending to be unbiased, Baldwin continues to delude people into listening to her reports and thinking the anti-gun message filtering through is merely an artifact of objective journalism when it’s really due to malicious punditry.

The problem is that CNN won’t do anything about it. They like their reporters and anchors biased, apparently.

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