David Hogg Continues His Martyr Complex With Bizarre Request

David Hogg may have gotten into Harvard, but there’s nothing to show us he’s particularly bright. After all, he got turned down by plenty of colleges before he became something of a celebrity for simply attending school somewhere that something awful happened, then making a point of jumping in front of anyone who would listen to tell them what he thought.

Since then, the media has turned him and his companions into celebrities for their views, but the truth is that Hogg is still that not-very-bright kid who couldn’t get into college. After all, he thinks it’s harder to get cold medicine than a firearm.

However, he also claims he’s been the target of seven assassination attempts. The thing is, I seriously doubt that’s happened. At all. I think he’s gotten death threats because some people are jackwagons who think that’s how you change people, but I don’t think anyone’s actually tried to kill David Hogg.

Yet he persists in painting himself as a victim. Why? Because potential martyrs are good for the cause.

His latest martyr-like behavior? How he wants his remains to be disposed of.

Sorry, David, no one is going to do that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are a lot of sycophants in your orbit who would be thrilled to do just this for you, but they won’t.

You see, if you’re killed, that opens a criminal investigation and your body becomes evidence. Then the autopsy is completed and the body is then released to your family.

To be sure, there will be tons of news coverage about the killing. Chance are good and some of your cohort will blame the NRA for your death, regardless of just how little they actually had to do with it.

But to dump your body at their door? That would require your parents to be as sick and obsessed as you are. Especially since your FBI agent father would understand there are laws dealing with how one disposes of human remains. While the idea of scattering ashes is time-honored at this point, dumping a body on the porch of an ideological opponent is generally frowned upon…pretty much everywhere.

So no one is going to do it.

But that’s fine. After all, David, no one is going to kill you. You’re an irritant and nothing more. Your Peace Plan takes the most radical anti-gun proposals and melds them under the most hippy-like name you could come up with making it virtually impossible to pass as no Democrat in a swing district would even consider voting for it.

Are people threatening it? Sure, I can buy that. After all, you’re out in front and loud. Death threats go with the territory. I’ve gotten a few in the past myself.

No one will act on them, in part because you’re just not worth it. You’re much better to keep around as a metaphorical pinata to smack around because you routinely say stupid stuff like this and are still adored by the anti-gun establishment.

Yet, if some deranged idiot actually does do something like that, I can promise you that no one will do any such thing with your remains.

Maybe you should stay off Twitter, David, and actually study while you’re in college.