Why Europe Isn't Such A Great Place For Anti-Gunners To Emulate

Over and over, we hear how wonderful Europe is with its strict gun control. It’s often credited with the lower crime rates on that side of the Atlantic, though it’s really kind of impossible to compare crime rates due to reporting differences. Still, anti-gunners persist. Europe is an absolute paradise when it comes to guns, at least in their minds.


However, if this is what Europe is like, I’ll take a hard pass on being anything like them.

This isn’t the only time people have been prosecuted in Sweden for acting in self-defense, either.

A woman who allegedly stabbed a man in self-defense while she was being raped has been arrested for attempted murder.

In Denmark, a 17-year-old girl was threatened with prosecution for using pepper spray–which was illegal–to ward off a potential rapist.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the Swedish authorities have seemingly failed to deliver justice to the victim.

In 2016, a wheelchair-bound woman who claimed to have been gang-raped had her alleged attackers released after she was thought not to have fought back hard enough or attempting to escape; implying consent.

Note that last one. Just proof that you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

And this is Sweden, a nation which once brought us freaking Vikings now has tried to neuter its population to such a profound degree that women are better off just being raped than fighting back. Their ancestors must be so proud.

Yet as indefensible as this is, the rest of Europe isn’t a whole lot better. It wasn’t all that long ago when a British pensioner was facing prosecution for killing a burglar who entered his home.

While anti-gunners approve of the gun control laws over there, what they don’t understand is that much of that is predicated on the idea that you have no business defending yourself from an attack, you have no right to self-defense. To call that “problematic” is to let that breed of insanity off far too easily.


Europeans have forfeited their right and ability to defend themselves and outsourced it to the government. In fairness, they have a long history of subjugating themselves to government authorities. Throughout history, they’ve believed that the government warrants subservience from them, so they comply.

There are examples to the contrary, of course, but they’re notable because they go against the norm.

Yet there are those who want to import Europe to American shores. They want us to adopt European-style gun control. For that to work, though, we would have to give up our right to defend ourselves and others. We’d be required to cede that authority over to a government that has repeatedly been found to have no duty to do so.

They want girls to be raped and to prosecute those who fight back for doing so.

If you support this, look at the women in your life. Look at them and think, “Am I fine with this person being raped and having no legal choice but to just let it happen?”

If the answer is yes, please seek psychological help. You need it.

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