Chicago Mayor Tries To Blame Everyone Else For Her City's Violence

Twitter can be a very strange place. That’s especially true when the media flips out over something said on Twitter.

A prime example is how the media has latched onto Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s tweet telling Sen. Ted Cruz to “keep our name out of your mouth” after Cruz pointed to the epidemic of violence that plagues the Windy City.


Of course, she’s not wrong about where the guns come from. Many of the guns used for violence crime do come from Indiana as well as many other states.

The problem, though, is that Lightfoot is ignoring one very important fact. If access to guns is the problem, why isn’t Indiana more violent than Chicago in the first place?

If guns from Indiana are to blame for Chicago’s problems, then shouldn’t Indiana have plenty of problems of their own?

Yet they don’t. Why is that?

Probably because violence is a complex issue that’s not solved by simplistic measures like gun control. Chicago is more than ample proof of that. As Sen. Cruz noted, it’s had aggressive gun control for years and violence has gone up and up. The gun control has done nothing except curtail the rights of law-abiding citizens.


Meanwhile, the criminals break all kinds of laws, including those against them getting guns.

While Lightfoot can try to blame states like Indiana for her city’s problems, she forgets that going across state lines to buy a gun then taking it back into Chicago already violates federal law. Rules that have already been put in place to address this issue are being ignored, so why should new rules change that?

Lightfoot also fails to note just how those guns ended up in Chicago. I mean, she tells us where they originated, but the means by which they ended up in her city is important, too. Who bought them and how did they end up in the hands of Chicagoland criminals?

Luckily, I’m going to answer that one for you. First, many of those firearms were stolen from people in Indiana. In other words, Lightfoot is blaming criminal victims for being the victim of criminals.

Second, many were purchased illegally through straw purchasers, people without criminal histories who can purchase firearms for those who can’t. This, like stealing a gun, is an illegal practice.

The truth is, most of Chicago’s violent criminals are recidivists who have been arrested more than once. Further, judges in the city routinely release them over and over to continue being violent on the streets of the city, all while people like Lightfoot continue to blame their neighbors for their inability to keep their own house in order.


While the media seems to love Lightfoot telling Cruz to “keep our name out of your mouth,” she needs to focus on keeping actual facts in her mouth instead of the nonsense she’s been spewing. Her city is falling apart and rather than address the problem, she wants to blame someone else for her city’s mistakes.

Gun control is a failure in Chicago and she’s too dense to understand that.

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