Meghan McCain's Statement Of Fact Sparks Outrage, But It Shouldn't

If there’s one TV show that most people on the right despise, it’s The View. A gaggle of women, often with a token conservative, who sit around a table and routinely prattle on about stuff they don’t know anything about isn’t exactly compelling viewing for many of us. While there’s a conservative voice, though, it’s one among the entire crowd that tends to be hard progressive in nature.

Fair and balanced, it ain’t.

The current token conservative is Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain. She’s not someone the left tends to think of as a crazy conservative, either.

That said, McCain made some comments on yesterday’s show that seemed to bother some folks.

During the show, co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out the suspect in the shooting was able to  purchase his assault-style rifle through a “loophole.” As co-host Sunny Hostin pinned blame on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lack of action on any assault weapons legislation, McCain chimed in the debate as “the chick on the panel that spent most of her break shooting.”

“This is a ground-level issue for me,” she said, targeting 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s mandatory buyback plan. “If you’re going to be a gun-grabber, you don’t get my vote, period. We got to have a different conversation.”

“The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far,” McCain said. “I was just in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, if you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

“But they lived without them for many years during the ban,” Behar replied.

“I’m not living without guns,” McCain responded. “It’s just that simple!”

She also pointed out that if you go after people’s guns, there’s going to be violence.

That bothered a lot of people. They didn’t like the fact that McCain was basically telling them that if you start trying to require people to give up their firearms, there will be blood.

It shouldn’t have upset them, though.

The truth of the matter is that everyone has a line in the sand. There’s a point with everything that people will say, “That’s it. I’m accepting nothing more.”

For some, that line isn’t an issue. They’ll take pretty much anything you want to dish out because their line is damn hard to cross. Maybe they’re fine as long as you don’t mess with their kids or something.

For others, it’s almost impossible not to cross it. Take those who believe that they’re justified in wrecking their school because someone they dislike is going to speak there.

With most folks, it’s somewhere in between. For gun owners, we’ve always been pretty clear where that line is. You can get away with a lot and we’re fine, but the moment you start talking about confiscation–and make no mistake, a mandatory buyback is nothing more than a slightly more polite brand of confiscation–you’re toeing up to the line.

McCain’s comments outraged a lot of people, but it shouldn’t have. The fact that they were alarmed tells us one important thing, though. It tells us that they’ve never bothered to listen to a word we’ve said. If they had, they’d have known that we’ve been warning this for decades.

No one should have been surprised that Meghan McCain would say she wouldn’t live without guns. That’s the sentiment a lot of us shared.