British Police Pleased With Seizing BB Guns

BB guns and other air guns are occasionally used in crimes. It’s stupid, but when a gun-shaped object is pointed out you, the last thing most folks are going to do is measure the bore, especially if they don’t know anything about guns.


As a result, criminals who can’t get their hands on firearms will sometimes use BB guns to intimidate instead. We’ve seen this happen more than once, unfortunately.

However, few people are endangered by the use of BB guns. That’s why if a police officer shoots someone pointing a BB gun at them, there’s outrage. They don’t get that the officer had to make a split-second decision as it only registers that a BB gun isn’t likely to kill anyone.

Meanwhile, in England, one police department offered this to make citizens feel safer:

This is a country that once held a global empire. Now it’s terrified of the kind of thing we give our children to use after they finish their chores for the day.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Seriously, how does anyone in their right mind think this makes the streets safer? Had the sergeant said that this will make it more difficult for criminals to pretend they’re armed, I’d agree with them. However, the danger of such weapons is minimal. You can pop someone with a BB and it’ll sting. You can even shoot someone’s eye out with it, as anyone who has watched “A Christmas Story” knows full well, but the chances of doing much of anything serious is minimal.


Now, that does make people a tad safer…for values of safer. Their lives weren’t at risk from these guns, not really, but I suppose they won’t be potentially injured by them.

The issue with this tweet isn’t even so much that officers took the guns. I mean, it kind of is, but it’s also that they’re bragging about taking them. They’re acting like this was a major police win. It’s not.

It’s pathetic.

The problem is that England is no longer a nation of explorers and warriors. It’s no longer the realm of King Arthur. They’re not even the realm of Winston Churchill. They’re a mockery of the England of old, the one we stood against during the Revolution despite having no business trying them. They were the most powerful nation in the world at that point, and we went toe-to-toe with them knowing they were so powerful.

That England is gone.

Now, the government places warning labels on Thomas the Tank Engine tableware sets because there’s a “knife” included in the set.

The kicker? There are people who think we should follow their lead. I’m not talking about the British wankers who fill out social media to tell us all about how grand life is under their severe gun control restrictions, but people born in and still living in the United States. They think we should embrace this kind of stupidity for some idiotic reason.


No thank you. I’d rather keep our people free and ready to defend freedom, not just for ourselves but for the rest of humanity if needed. I refuse to allow us to go down the path that takes us to police departments bragging about taking BB guns off the streets, for crying out loud. Like someone once said, I’d rather deal with the problems of too much freedom than the problems of too little.

Guess which side of that equation England has decided to fall on?

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