Dem Governors Push Trump, McConnell To Back Anti-Gun Measures

Republicans aren’t known for supporting gun control.

However, more and more pressure is being pushed toward GOP lawmakers to pass gun control. Right now, much of the attention has been placed on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump. The two men are generally seen as the greatest impediments to gun control passing, but both have given some degree of mixed signals as to whether or not gun control will actually happen under their watch.

Now, a group of Democratic state governors has joined the chorus chirping for these two to back gun control.

A group of 12 Democratic governors on Tuesday wrote to President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) calling on them to pass an array of “sensible” gun control measures.

The letter comes in the aftermath of a series of fatal shootings in Gilroy, Calif.; El Paso and Odessa, both in Texas; Dayton, Ohio; and Philadelphia, Pa. The shootings in total killed 34 people. The governors said the onus is on the federal government to create a “coherent” policy to curtail gun violence.

The governors called on Trump and McConnell to support red flag laws, which would permit local authorities to remove firearms from those deemed a threat to themselves or others, universal background checks, an assault weapons ban and stricter reporting requirements to try to prevent those judged to have mental health issues from buying guns.

The letter was signed by Govs. Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.), Gavin Newsom (Calif.), Ned Lamont (Conn.), John Carney (Del.), JB Prtizker (Ill.), Gretchen Whitmer (Mich.), Phil Murphy (N.J.), Michelle Lujan Grisham (N.M.), Kate Brown (Ore.), Tom Wolf (Penn.), Gina Raimondo (R.I.) and Jay Inslee (Wash.).

So, once again, we see anti-gun Democrats aren’t really interested in discussion. They want pro-gun lawmakers to sit down, shut up, and do as they’re told. That includes the president of the United States and the senate majority leader.

They don’t care that an assault weapon ban is useless, or even that the deadliest school shooting in American history was carried out with a couple of handguns. None of that actually matters because they don’t actually care what anyone on this side of the political divide thinks.

However, I’m urging President Trump and Sen. McConnell to not budge on any of this.

Anti-gun politicians often talk about compromise, yet nothing in any of these measures suggests a compromise. They’re making demands and trying to throw their non-existent weight around. If a “compromise” did come about, it would only be a case of them taking away just a bit fewer of our rights than they really wanted.

Give them nothing and make it known that we won’t be bullied by gun grabbers with no understanding of the facts regarding gun ownership, gun owners, or guns in general. Frankly, as noted yesterday, most people aren’t going to be swayed against you by opposing gun control, but they will vote against you over it. Hold your ground and remind these hypocrites–after all, they’re calling for restrictions on our ability to protect ourselves while being surrounded by armed guards at all times of the day and night–that the American people support and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.