SAF Wonders If Tallahassee Knife Attack Will Prompt 'Knife Control'

Yesterday, a man stabbed five people over a workplace dispute in Tallahassee, Florida.

While mass shootings dominate the headlines, this barely made a blip on the national news radar. Had a gun been used, even with the same results, it would likely renew calls for gun control throughout the Sunshine State. We all know it.

In a press release, the Second Amendment Foundation, however, wondered if it would prompt calls for knife control instead?

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s brutal stabbing attack in Florida, the Second Amendment Foundation today asked whether Congressional Democrats will now start pushing knife control.

“Five people were brutally stabbed,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “The nation deserves to know whether Democrats will hold the suspect responsible, or blame the knife he used.”

Authorities said the five victims were being treated at a nearby hospital.

Gottlieb noted that this is hardly an isolated incident. He pointed to an early-August stabbing rampage in Southern California that left four people dead, and another incident in Massachusetts late last month that left two people dead and a third injured. And in California’s Ventura County, authorities arrested a man for fatally stabbing a woman and her elderly mother two weeks ago.

“Democrats and the gun prohibition lobby have been remarkably silent about these crimes,” Gottlieb observed. “We’re waiting for someone to start complaining about ‘an epidemic of knife violence.’ There are no background checks or waiting periods involved in purchasing knives, and in any given year, according to the annual FBI crime reports, more people die from stabbings than are killed with either rifles or shotguns, so maybe Congressional Democrats will start talking about that.

“The real issue here,” he said, “is that in every brutal slaying, regardless of the weapon used, the perpetrator should be held responsible. But only when firearms are involved do these knee-jerk crusaders demand action, and it is always aimed at guns and the people who own them who had nothing at all to do with the crime.

“We’re calling Democrats and gun control extremists out,” Gottlieb stated. “If they’re satisfied to hold knife-wielding killers individually responsible, the same standard must apply when it comes to crimes committed with firearms. Millions of people who own knives and/or guns have harmed nobody, so Democrats should stop treating them all like criminals.”

Gottlieb makes an incredibly fair point. Why do knife-wielding attackers get blamed for their own actions while mass shootings result in the weapons being held responsible?

Undoubtedly, some will claim that it’s different because it’s harder to kill people with a knife but bear in mind that eight children were slaughtered by a knife-wielding attacker in China not all that long ago. A weapon is a weapon and in the hands of a maniac, all are deadly.

If you’re going to blame one weapon for a mass attack, why aren’t you going to blame all the weapons?

Of course, at the end of the day, we all know that the weapons aren’t responsible. It’s not the tool but the tool using it.

However, anti-gun activists can be awfully selective about just who they want to blame for one attack and what item they want to blame for another. It would be nice if they’d learn how to at least be consistent.