OK Woman Arrested Who Allegedly Planned Shooting Without Red Flag Laws

Following the recent spate of mass shootings, calls for red flag laws were once again renewed. It’s understandable, to some extent. When you’re looking for answers, you’ll latch onto almost any of them that present themselves and red flag laws were all the rage. That’s especially true after Parkland when the killer presented so much behavior you’re left thinking someone had to have seen something.


However, what we’ve seen since Dayton has been something a little different.

You see, after three mass shootings right on top of one another, we’ve seen that people are reporting troubling behavior and the police are actually investigating it. That’s led to what may be one more arrest of a potential mass shooter, all without using a single red flag law.

An Oklahoma woman has been arrested after she allegedly threatened to “shoot 400 people for fun” at her former high school, CBS affiliate KOTV reports. Deputies with the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office seized an AK-47 and a shotgun from Alexis Wilson, 18, who was charged Monday with making a terroristic threat.

Wilson was arrested after deputies got an anonymous tip that she told friends and coworkers she was going to shoot up McAlester High School, authorities said. They added that she had been posting videos of herself shooting guns.

One of the coworkers allegedly told the sheriff’s office that Wilson threatened “to shoot 400 people for fun.”

“You know, it may not have been anything — we don’t know 100%, but we are glad we got it before it turned into something,” Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said.

Wilson had an AK-47 with six magazines and a 12-gauge shotgun with a stock sleeve for extra shells, according to Morris. He said Wilson picked up the AK-47 last week from a local gun shop with five extra high capacity magazines and 160 rounds of ammunition.


Now, any law-abiding adult has a god-given right to own those weapons. Those alone don’t prove that Wilson intended to anything whatsoever.

But it does mean that she had the means to carry out a mass shooting when she quipped to a coworker that she wanted to kill hundreds for no other reason than her personal amusement.

What people need to understand is that Wilson’s arrest isn’t unusual. There have been others, such as the university student arrested for allegedly planning a mass shooting as well as a number of others. There are others we haven’t documented here as well.

In fact, these arrests tend to be far better than a red flag order being carried out. After all, these take the potential killers off the street as well as taking their guns. The potential killers aren’t left roaming free where they can devise other means of killing innocent people like a bomb or even a van. Hell, even a knife can be used to slaughter the innocent.

If you take the person off the streets, though, they can’t do such a thing. They’re locked up where the general public is safe.

The key is for people to report threats like Wilson’s and for the police to act on those reports. When that happens, lives are saved.


Not only that, but when people figure out that their problematic behavior will lead to them being caught, they’ll hopefully abandon this psychotic need to seek fame and attention by massacring innocent people and do something useful instead.

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