Trump: Dems Traded Gun Control For Chance To 'Hurt' GOP

When the political system works as designed, there’s a delicate balance of compromise between all parties. Few rarely get everything they want, especially not without giving a little something in return. That’s the art of compromise and all that. You have to give a little to get a little, as the saying goes. That means playing nice with people you may not particularly like


However, with the House deciding to potentially pursue impeachment, President Donald Trump seems to no longer feel particularly inclined to give much of anything apparently.

In other words, due to their own vindictive efforts to try and remove Trump from office–efforts that are highly unlikely to succeed–they’ve managed to sink their own priority for this legislative period, namely gun control.

Nicely done, Democrats. Nicely done indeed.

The truth of the matter is that gun control was never going to happen without Trump’s buy-in. It wasn’t just a matter of passing a law and him feeling obligated to sign it, either. Republicans control the Senate, a fact that will become important again in a moment, which means any potential legislation has to move through that chamber as well. That wasn’t about to happen without Trump on board.


Guess who is going to be less inclined to work with you on guns–an issue his base actually opposes–if you’re going to decide to try and remove him from office?

And really, it’s an idiotic move anyway. There’s no winning strategy here. None.

If they impeach, then the same Senate that refuses to pass gun control will most likely not vote to convict, thus making Democrats out to look like grandstanding fools. That’s the best-case scenario for them, actually.

If they hold a vote and don’t impeach, then Trump becomes basically Teflon. It also rallies his fatigued base just in time for campaign season. It’ll likely also tell independents where the Democrats priorities really are and likely push many over to support Trump.

Of course, there’s also the slight chance that maybe this is legitimate. Maybe Trump actually crossed the line and everyone will see it that way and he’ll be removed from office. Then what? Well, then we get President Mike Pence who is arguably more popular with the base than Trump is and who can still hold two more terms of office while still having the benefit of incumbency.

And this is what they’ve bartered away gun control for; a situation that likely offers them no real upside but lots of downsides.


As for me, I’m actually thrilled with this. The Democrats have managed to shoot themselves in the foot (pun fully intended). Gun control was a slam dunk for Democrats. It was going to be virtually impossible for it not to pass in the wake of a series of mass shootings, and the Democrats managed to completely screw the pooch on it.

It’s absolutely glorious.

However, it’s also important that pro-gun voices continue to remind lawmakers where they stand. Don’t rest on your laurels because this could, in theory, end suddenly in an effort to push through gun control.  Remind them not to put your rights up for sale.

Then, go to the kitchen and pop a ton of popcorn. You’re going to need it.

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