Cleveland Police Seize Guns In Gang Raid Despite Felony Convictions

If gun laws worked as gun control proponents claim, criminals wouldn’t have any guns. None at all.

That’s especially true of gang members in our inner cities. Many of them have numerous convictions yet keep getting their hands on guns somehow. It’s baffling. After all, there are already a plethora of gun laws on the books to prevent this very thing, right?


Well, maybe we’re wrong. Maybe gang members aren’t carrying guns for real. After all, gun laws work, right?

The Cleveland Division of Police arrested three people as part of its investigation into the Blitz street gang.

Imonte Sims, 25, Marcus Hopper, 23, and Toney Hope Jr., 28, were taken into custody for parole violations, weapons offenses and drug charges. Officers also seized several assault rifles and handguns, police said.



There went that idea, didn’t it?

The truth of the matter is that this isn’t surprising. These three men allegedly had illicit drugs and firearms despite criminal convictions. Between these three, apparently, there were something like 10 handguns, an AK pistol, and an AR-15 rifle. All this despite apparent felony convictions. It’s kind of like that just didn’t matter.

“This is why we need universal background checks,” some nimrod will try and claim.

No. Sorry, that doesn’t wash.

Note that they also allegedly had drugs on hand as well. If you think they can’t get guns through similar contacts to how they obtained drugs, you’re literally too stupid to muster enough brainpower to breathe. The drugs are bought and sold on the black market, just like most guns obtained by criminals.

I promise you, just like there wasn’t a prescription asked for on the drugs, no background check was going to be performed on the guns.

Criminals don’t follow the rules. By definition, they don’t. They do what they want, when they want, so long as they get something out of it. It could be a profit or their own personal amusement. It doesn’t really matter to them, they just don’t follow the law and won’t unless it, also, serves their purposes.


That includes gun laws.

It’s always included gun laws.

They’ve continued to buy whatever they can get their grubby little paws on and bypass criminal background checks in the process. That includes handguns, rifles, shotguns, or whatever else they want. No law is going to stop them.

The sooner anti-gunners get it through their heads that this is what criminals do, the happier we can all be. Then we can start looking at “gun crime” as simply crime and start looking at ways to deal with that more effectively without having to deal with potential infringements to the civil liberties of ordinary, law-abiding, decent Americans.

We’re not talking about rocket science here. There’s ample evidence showing that criminals aren’t obtaining their guns through legal means. All it really takes is for someone to take a long, honest look at that evidence and they’ll see it.

Of course, asking anti-gunners to take an honest look at evidence that doesn’t confirm their preconceived ideas might be a bit harder than it should be.

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