Memo Reveals San Francisco City Council's NRA Declaration Grandstanding

The city of San Francisco doesn’t like the National Rifle Association.

I know, I know, I was shocked too. I mean, when you think gun rights, the city of San Francisco is way up at the bottom of the list of gun-friendly cities. The idea they disliked the nation’s oldest and largest gun-rights group is absolutely stunning. Next we’ll find out that they don’t like President Trump very much.

In fact, they dislike the NRA so much, last month they declared it a domestic terrorist organization.

Now, a memo states that the declaration was nothing more than political grandstanding.

The resolution, introduced by Supervisor Catherine Stefani and unanimously approved by the board, calls for The City to investigate what financial ties its contractors and vendors have to the NRA and pressure them to stop doing business with the gun rights group.

But that will apparently not happen.

joint memo sent to department heads last week from Mayor London Breed and City Attorney Dennis Herrera told department heads that the resolution has no impact on them.

The memo said that “no department will take steps to assess the relationships between City contractors and the NRA, and no department will take steps to restrict any contractor from doing business with the NRA or to restrict City contracting opportunities for any business that has any relationship with the NRA.”

For that to occur, the board would need to approve an actual ordinance.

“Resolutions making policy statements do not impose duties on City departments, change any of the City’s existing laws or policies, or control City departments’ exercise of discretion,” the memo said.

The memo comes after the NRA filed on Sept. 9 a lawsuit in federal court against The City.

The memo makes it clear that the city council’s declaration didn’t actually have any force of law. It’s also highly unlikely that the San Francisco City Council was unaware of just what force their declaration would have. They knew it and did it anyway, which means that the effort was nothing more than a political stunt to try and land a blow on an ideological opponent.

This while the city of San Francisco is knee-deep on homeless people, human feces, and used heroin needles.

Good to see they have their priorities in like, isn’t it?

While San Francisco sits in a state with the toughest gun control laws in the nation, they still have a ton of issues including crime. Right now, most of the larger cities are quickly becoming dystopian nightmare communities with homeless camps popping up on any patch of ground large enough for more than two bodies to lay down on. Gun control hasn’t helped them and isn’t going to help them.

Yet instead of focusing on their actual problems–of which, admittedly, violent crime isn’t a major one–they decide to try and vilify a group that the members of the city council disagree with.

Without the declaration having any force of law, the most charitable reading of this effort is that the council was trying some legislative sleight of hand, an effort to distract residents from the very real problems by directing their attention to the NRA.

Either that or they’re just idiots.

Of course, let’s also embrace the healing power of “and” here.